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  1. This question has been on my mind since I received my Sondors. The hydraulic brakes, which work fantastically, use mineral oil. Is there any particular reason why this was used instead of silicone brake fluid? I have an early 2000's Harley that, before ABS was common in their bikes, uses DOT5 silicone fluid. DOT5 foams up in ABS systems and went out of use in the mid-late 2000's as Harley adopted ABS, but it is better than DOT3 or 4 in almost every other way....it doesn't absorb water and it's not corrosive to painted surface. I'm just curious, is all. No issues or problems to report.
  2. While troubleshooting my PAS issues, Sondors sent me a 9-PAS Level LCD to replace the original 5-PAS Level. This didn't ultimately fix my issue (Controller was faulty, but only when connected to an LCD) and I seem to have lost a little punchiness. This occurred with the original controller as well as the replacement I just installed. I'm thinking the default settings on the 9-level are slightly different than the 5-level. Are any of you willing to snap a photo of the default Advanced settings of your 2020 Fat-Tire XS equipped with the 5-level LCD? The only documentation I can find are for the generic LCD, not the Sondors-fied model. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! -Mike
  3. Wow, that’s a wacky connector. I wonder why there’s so many pins. Most of my brushless motor experience comes from Radio Control cars and drones They’ve all had just the three wires going to the motor(s). My Sondors is the same way. Yours is just.....weird. Anyway, it appears it can only connect one way. I’m basing that on the larger pins at the top, left, and right side of the connector in your picture. Does the female end have three matching large sockets for these pins? You said you turned the connector to try all 8 possible combinations, but it appears that’s not possible. This can only plug in one way. Perhaps mark the center large pin (the one at 1 o’clock in your picture) on the outside of the male connector with a paint marker. Do the same for the female end. This way, you’ll at least know your cable is aligned properly. Once done, line them up and jam them together. The connectors should join a bit tighter in the correct orientation. I’m guessing by 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch.
  4. If it's anything like my non-fold XS, while the connector isn't exactly keyed, the pins within it are offset a bit so it will only connect one way. I'm thinking you just haven't got it fully seated in the correct orientation. You can see in the attached picture, the terminals aren't equally spaced from the center, they're offset a bit so it'll only connect one way.
  5. When you assembled your bike, you would have had to remove a plug/shunt/terminator from a cable so you can plug in your LCD. Any chance you still have this plug/shunt/terminator? If you do, unplug your LCD, reinstall this plug, power it on from the battery, and then see if anything works. This would at least rule out the LCD being the problem, I think.
  6. Triangle battery, right? On the side with the power switch, there should be a little cover with a fuse underneath. You'll have to pull the battery to see it.
  7. Since the 2020 XS has no provision for a headlight, I'm looking to wire one direct to the battery. I'd prefer not to have to splice into the OEM wiring. Does anyone know the name of the connector on the Sondors 48V triangle battery? My intent is to purchase a set of male\female connectors and build a small harness with a headlight power source, and the screw it in to the existing battery wiring between the battery and the controller. Nevermind, found it. It's referred to as a GX16-4P.
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