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  1. Don’t forget that (in European Spec anyway) there is a power-cutout, for the stand too. I had to disconnect mine. Happy cycling!
  2. Want to let all know that the power loss I was experiencing seems to have been caused by the front brake interlock cutting power to the motor and not restoring it when the brake is released. all fixed now by replacement of the front brake. other possibilities suggested by Sondors were the rear brake and the stand. all can be tested by disconnecting the relevant plug which will restore power. now really enjoying the ride!
  3. AC Hamilton


    Does the Smart still steer?
  4. Looks better this way doesn’t it? Sondors just sent me a new controller so I hope I can wash that mud off and add some new stuff! Thanks for the advice and I’m sure the controller will do it. Arch
  5. Thanks, Reddy. Will do. It seems almost exactly like the controller fault that the bike had at the beginning. I tried switching on and off but that doesn’t make a difference. Also “folding” but that doesn’t bring it back either. I do wonder about the motor as it has always been noisy - sort of like an old electric tram, but I am probably the only one old enough to remember the noise they made! WHere/how do I look for power with the multimeter, please? Archie
  6. Just back with shunt installed. Same thing - rode about one mile with power, then dead! Had to pedal home with no power. As usual, power returned just as I was parking the bike back home! Tried switching power off and on again while power was out but it made no difference. This seems exactly the same as in October/November before I received the new controller.
  7. Bike keeps dying. Display fine but power all gone, pedal and throttle and in all speeds. Battery at 4 bars so it’s not that. Bike is Fold XS bought last October. Got a replacement controller from Sondors in December which seemed to fix the same problem but it has now returned. I have ridden it 415 kilometers from new. Checked all the connections last weekend and all seem good. Please help
  8. Hi, Pabeer. I live in Greystones, Co Wicklow, and have had my XS Fold since last October, Please don’t change the tyres, they are great and, yes, you can ride on sand and mud, but they are great on the road too! I have now ridden over 400 kms and the bike gets lots of positive comments. ENjoy
  9. I don’t think they are a legal requirement here either but glad to have them anyway. Happy holiday to you and all of the Sondors cyclists and happy riding in 2021!
  10. Don’t know when they started supplying them but we pay far more than the US$ price! We get fenders and a rear rack and saddlebag too! Pity the lights don’t work any more, but the bike goes like a train!
  11. Yes. Sondors sent me a new controller and the power is now fine. Front light, horn and indicators no longer work but the bike goes really well.
  12. AC Hamilton

    AC Hamilton

  13. Mine are the same but I’m presuming this is normal. I have much bigger problems as my bike loses all power after a mile or so. I can’t use it and am still waiting for a response from Sondors. I am really disappointed in their service as I haven’t been able to use my new bike. Hope you have more luck with yours than I am having with mine.😔 Archie, Ireland
  14. I wonder if this my problem too. New fold XS last week. 40 OMSCO ridden then no power through throttle or walk button. folded and unfolded bike switched it on and off a couple of times after which it worked so I went for a ride. 2 mms later it stopped again ant I had to walk & pedal home. Very embarrassing. Display screen shows fully charged battery but no power display when throttle button pressed. The speedometer works! Please advise.
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