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  1. Mine are the same but I’m presuming this is normal. I have much bigger problems as my bike loses all power after a mile or so. I can’t use it and am still waiting for a response from Sondors. I am really disappointed in their service as I haven’t been able to use my new bike. Hope you have more luck with yours than I am having with mine.😔 Archie, Ireland
  2. I wonder if this my problem too. New fold XS last week. 40 OMSCO ridden then no power through throttle or walk button. folded and unfolded bike switched it on and off a couple of times after which it worked so I went for a ride. 2 mms later it stopped again ant I had to walk & pedal home. Very embarrassing. Display screen shows fully charged battery but no power display when throttle button pressed. The speedometer works! Please advise.
  3. Have a new Fold XS and while it was fine for the first 40km, it has developed a problem. While the LCD is registering full battery, the throttle isn't working and it has no pedal assist power. Any Ideas? Thanks
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