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  1. I'll try that next time. I couldn't move mine until I removed the disc brake caliper.
  2. I think they are the same screen. See the pic of the new "green" screen below. It has slightly different mounts than the blue one and your pic shows the mounts better. I still have the protective plastic on it which is why you see the bubbles. I still have to play with the settings. The 34 mile ride today registered 37 on Strava. Other than that minor issue we are in business! Problem Solved.
  3. I did not see any other relies, but I had a flat on my MXS yesterday - and I had the same issue. I think the MXS has the hydraulic disc brakes and the geometry on those brakes are a little different so they prevent the wheel from coming out the slot if the brake caliper is still on. Simple allen wrench fix - just remove the rear disc brake caliper and the wheel should then slide right out...
  4. I originally posted that thread and I am happy to report to the forum that my problem was resolved by Sondors by sending me a new "green" LCD screen. I have been riding it with the new screen for approximately a week and the erratic power issue has been completely eliminated. Sondors was good to work with on resolution, it just took a while. I ride the bike almost every day so I had to stay after it.
  5. Found this thread on this forum about what the pads are and where to get em. Wow what a site!
  6. Dave, an authority on brake adjustment suggests you watch this before you just shorten just the cable length. It’s just a tiny bit more complicated even on cable pull brakes. It is true that on new bike, with cables that cable stretch, especially if you’ve them heavily, that the cables stretch initially and that causes the lever to get closer & closer to the grip.https://youtu.be/Pz58MA1Qe3Y
  7. Not sure about the pads. I have never replaced those on my bikes. There is a video on Youtube that shows how to adjust those brakes - I'll see if I can find it and send it to you. It was also brought to me attention that you have an MXS bike which has hydraulic brakes? This slipped my attention and that means what I said about tightening the cable won't work. Again I'll look for a video that may help on this topic. I have two bikes with cable brakes and one with hydraulic. I like the simplicity of the cable brakes, but the buttery smooth feel of the hydraulics is awesome. I was previou
  8. Forgot to reply about the pads. From my experience with these bikes - you have to ride an awful lot to wear out these pads. I'd guestimate maybe 2000 miles or so depending on how much you use the brakes. My sample size is only 3 bikes though.
  9. I'm not a huge expert, but the easy thing is to tighten your cable. There is a allen bolt that holds the cable on the caliper- loosen the bolt and pull the cable a little tighter, then tighten up the cable.
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