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  1. Found this thread on this forum about what the pads are and where to get em. Wow what a site!
  2. Dave, an authority on brake adjustment suggests you watch this before you just shorten just the cable length. It’s just a tiny bit more complicated even on cable pull brakes. It is true that on new bike, with cables that cable stretch, especially if you’ve them heavily, that the cables stretch initially and that causes the lever to get closer & closer to the grip.https://youtu.be/Pz58MA1Qe3Y
  3. Not sure about the pads. I have never replaced those on my bikes. There is a video on Youtube that shows how to adjust those brakes - I'll see if I can find it and send it to you. It was also brought to me attention that you have an MXS bike which has hydraulic brakes? This slipped my attention and that means what I said about tightening the cable won't work. Again I'll look for a video that may help on this topic. I have two bikes with cable brakes and one with hydraulic. I like the simplicity of the cable brakes, but the buttery smooth feel of the hydraulics is awesome. I was previou
  4. Forgot to reply about the pads. From my experience with these bikes - you have to ride an awful lot to wear out these pads. I'd guestimate maybe 2000 miles or so depending on how much you use the brakes. My sample size is only 3 bikes though.
  5. I'm not a huge expert, but the easy thing is to tighten your cable. There is a allen bolt that holds the cable on the caliper- loosen the bolt and pull the cable a little tighter, then tighten up the cable.
  6. Reddy Kilowatt - and Sinister_xs - thank you both for the replies. I'm working through the issue with Sondors Tech support and we are moving onto the controller as the next likely cause of the issue. Sondors has been very responsive on this issue and I am very happy we are still troubleshooting what the issues is. I'll post the results of what happens next. Still loving my ebikes and the XS is awesome - I know we will figure it out. Thanks for helping!
  7. Sinister_xs I have also experienced the throttle cut out. This happens when I'm going uphill and me and the bike cannot maintain speed. On my other bikes all is fine, me and bike both give full effort and we slow down a little while going up, once we crest the hill we speed up to max and then the bike can relax a little. I can see the bike's power (effort) on my older bikes and when we are maxed out it maxes at between 500 and 600 Watts depending on the state of battery charge. On my new bike the power is almost cut off completely, it acts like it just gives up. Mine does not regain
  8. David, do you know of a way to troubleshoot the issue without swapping out the part?
  9. I have a new XS, shipped NIB to me in August. I have approximately 300 miles on this bike. I'm experiencing erratic power output to the motor through the color LCD display. With factory default settings, here is what is happening: While riding the bike after initial turn on, power assist level 5, the bike easily reaches top speed, between 21 and 22 mph. While keeping constant pedal speed, after about 0.2 miles, power output to the motor is gradually is reduced, to the point that I cannot maintain top speed. Power to the motor is reduced and I will slow to 13-15 mph. While this is happen
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