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  1. Location - Las Vegas, NV only 800+ miles on it. Rode it on asphalt road to go to work and home mostly. No harsh off-road conditions. SER#AZ19120542 $1,350 but I have options below: $1,200- the whole bike except no rear rack and box, no dashcam and light. $1000- the whole bike except no battery and charger, no rear rack and box, no dashcam and light. Both price options still has the hub motor and all essentials to ride the bike. For the $1000, you can just buy a battery set on amazon for $350 & up when you're ready. Not stolen! It's registered in the
  2. Nice! Here's an idea, how about a racing inspired sticker wrap to cover those box sides?
  3. Switching on my 2020 XS Fatty and the throttle is already operational even without unlocking passcode. Can anyone please help if this can be changed or am I missing something?
  4. Thanks for this info I got the insurance. Together with my 10mm chain lock and disc brake lock, I can have peace of mind.
  5. Did anyone get one apart from the inclusion in the home insurance policy? I'm sorry my first forum search didn't bring up any result. Only after posting this topic did it show me similar posts. I couldn't delete this post, again I apologize.
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