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  1. So, I do some graphic designing on the side and came up with this decal for my XS that is shipping out today. I can't wait to get it here. Let me know if anyone else is interested. I can also design them for the MXS, Fold, graphite, white, etc. All the best, SATCOM76
  2. Awesome! What bag did you end up getting for the seat post?
  3. I'd certainly be interested in getting a list of the accessories you ordered. 👍
  4. Awesome! I contacted them today and they said my bike is shipping on Monday. That is FAST considering I just ordered it this past week.
  5. Absolutely. I've been scouring the forum already of the hitch carrier options. Thanks so much.
  6. Correct...it's the 26" 4.9' tire beast. Looking forward to it for sure. Now I have to figure out what carrier to get that will transport that plus my family's three MTBs. I have a 4-bike Allen hitch mount now, but it's useless for the full size Sondors XS. Thanks for the Welcome Reddy! All the best, SATCOM76
  7. SATCOM 76

    SATCOM 76

  8. Hey Team, I just ordered a Torch XS that is supposed to ship mid-October. We will see. 😜 This is my first e-bike, but not my first fat tire bike. I just sold a 2020 Giant Yukon 2 (27.5" wheels with 4.5" tires) to a buddy of mine. I live in the Dallas, TX area and enjoy MTB trail riding around here and in the Austin/Round Rock area. I'm looking forward to learning more and riding the XS when it gets here. All the best, SATCOM76
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