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  1. https://h5.aliexpress.com/item/32780916691.html Read the information given on this controller and LCD display if the information on this appears that your LCD screen will work only purchase the controller model
  2. In that case you will very likely have to buy the 25 amp controller and the LCD display if you have a six pin then your standard throttle should be okay to work with it
  3. You can buy the fender, rack and bag combo at Sondors $200.00 they should have the forks in stock as well www.sonders.com
  4. The only place you're going to find this is on all Alliexpress. They only have a 25 amp controller. Is this the LCD display you have?
  5. Stupid question but did you make sure the toggle switch is on next to the charge port?
  6. Thing that I Love about the X is it has a 15a controller, I'm installing a 20a next month much more low end to work in class hills much better.
  7. In most cases I have seen and heard the XS on flat ground hit Around 41kph, that is the same speed as the X, The fold x comes with a 15 amp. Controller Which I really do not understand. So I'm switching it to a 20 amp controller replacing the LCD screen also as well as the thumb throttle because the new system runs a 6 pin Juliet connector not a 3 pin. The higher amps help the take off. top speed is the same if you want faster you have to up the Watts. In the u.s. no license insurance or anything else has to be down to ride these bicycles, after 30mph in the U.S. does it become a moped and you
  8. You do know Sondors offers fenders rears rack and locking water proof bag? Well worth it.
  9. It is a great bike Sadly the fold XS top speed is the same as the X model due to the configurations of the controller, I my self did not want to spend $600.00 extra for front suspension forks and a couple of other minor things that the xs has. Especially when you can install a 20 amp controller in the X and the take off speed is insane and climbing hills is so much easier. But enjoy the bike it is a good one😁
  10. New to carrying the sondors line of bikes and very happy to do so. this company has came a long way since 2015 and we have recognized that. We build custom electric bikes also and fix electric bikes. I myself have purchased a Sondors fold X. The only disappointment I have found about the bike is they use a 15 amp controller instead of a 20 amp therefore I will be changing that out and 1 month. But a *Great company to be in business with.
  11. Very happy to say after bugging my boss for 2 months we are finally Carrying Sondors E-bikes in our shop @ Roberts Cycle. My name is David I am the Head mechanic here & love my job.
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