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  1. Thanks...that was it. Lucky the one on the opposite side was still in place and it suddenly made sense. Been looking at that part for 7 months!!
  2. Thanks! I will see if I can reattach it. I've hung on to the part all this time and want to get it back to where it belongs
  3. I had a crash on my Fold X and found the same piece next to the bike. Still have no idea where it goes!!
  4. As winter approaches, are there any concerns leaving the LCD screen on the bike while it's being stored in a cold garage? The temperature can occasionally get down to single digits for a while.
  5. I recently receive my Fold X and love it but don't know what's normal at this point. I've noticed that if I lift the rear tire off the ground and spin it by hand, it has a fair amount of resistance and quickly slows and stops. The front tire spins freely for quite some time. I assume that the real wheel motor is the reason for that resistance. It is very noticeable when pedaling with no assist and would actually be difficult to go for any distance without the assist turned on. Being new at this I just don't know what's normal. Thanks for any insight. Steve
  6. I pulled on that connector and it came apart revealing the connector . It all makes sense now. some instructions would have helped. Thanks
  7. I'm sorry, I don't understand why you mean. Can you explain?? Thanks
  8. Just received my Fold X today and found there is no connector for the display. The attached photo shows the green display connector and the wire I assume is for the display. The end of that black wire/connector is solid. You're not connecting that to anything.. I don't think I'm missing something here but if anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks
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