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  1. I was able to order a new throttle, through Amazon and have it shipped to Mexico. Cost me about $10 and works like a charm. https://www.amazon.com/Alomejor-Throttle-Accessories-Waterproof-Connector/dp/B08F3LDFMY Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. Do you know if it is possible to open up the throttle switch? If so I may give that a try I just don't want to break it if they cannot be opened. I can get the parts shipped to me in Mexico just at a much higher price - shipping, duties, taxes.
  3. Received my Fold X last week. The throttle switch would not work until I pushed on the wire, pushing it back into the switch housing. Now it seems to work intermittently. Can the throttle switch housing be opened to check for loose wires? What is a replacement switch for the Fold X. I am in Mexico so my options for getting parts from Sondors are limited. Thanks
  4. Just received my new Fold X in Playa Del Carmen and having a blast with kit. Are there any other Sondors owners in the Riviera Maya?
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