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  1. Determined the stock seat suspension isn't gonna cut it so I'm going to upgrade to a Thudbuster LT, was hoping someone knew the size.
  2. The same one from 25 years ago that was on my Cannondale Super V comp before I sold it 🤑
  3. First ride on my MXS on Westside Maui. Made it to 1900' elevation from sea-level and didn't need to go above PAS3. There is some tight single-track in those pine that goes up even higher...stay tuned.
  4. Well that was an education...Thanks to you both, I bought a multimeter.
  5. Hey Mike, my MXS gets delivered in a couple days and its my first ebike. Why do you say a volt meter is nearly a necessity if the LCD lets you know how much charge your battery has?
  6. My MXS is getting delivered in a couple days and I was looking to familiarize myself with the LCD. I found this post on the KD718 and I'm wondering if this is the model that will be on the MXS? I'm thinking not because the ebike review vid I watched (from May 2020) shows a 5 bar battery indicator while the KD718 displays the numeric value remaining. Any help pointing me to the correct manual would be appreciated.
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    Mark Whittemore

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