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  1. This will be my last post, The problem has been solved. I recalibrated the caliper and managed to "unstick" the wheel. It turns out the brakes were rubbing against the tire, so loosening the brakes then readjusting them proved to be the solution. Did a test run, bike works and the brakes work. Engine is functional and battery operational. Thank you for helping me these past few days. Your guidance was much needed and greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Reddy! I attached all the lugs like you said and they fit like a charm! After a bit of persuading, the axel went right into the socket. Tightened the bolts and the bike now looks like its in one piece again. However, now comes was perhaps my first issue. The tire itself has some serious friction to it. Moving it with my bare hand only shifts is a couple inches around, and pedaling now takes an insurmountable effort. The motor works, thank God, but it requires the full 400 someodd volts to push the tire. I wonder if it has to do something with the brakes, or because how long thi
  3. HI Reddy! Apologize for the extended delays between posts. Frankly, I'm afraid I need some clarification. The link showing the Sondor's parts and how they are installed showed no insight, as the model is vastly different compared to the one I own, and showed no insight of how the washers should be put in order. To ensure that I understand completely before I mess something else up, please give me guidance on which washers should be on which side of the dropout socket. I understand that #3 (the lugged washer) should be on the inside. But should any other washers be placed
  4. Hi Reddy! Thanks for the reply Looking at your recommendations, I realize I should have had some photos ready for any problems that occurred. Before I do anything rash, I want to make sure that I am sure that my tire is in the right place and the right washers are installed. In these photos, are the washers in the right place? If not, in what order would I put them in?
  5. Just as a disclaimer, I am a recent Sondors Owner, and I have had my smartstep for a little bit over three weeks now. My rear wheel ran flat a week ago, and I went to a shop to repair it. They refused to fix a Sondors, as it is a liability, and gave me a patch. Figuring that fixing a rear wheel wouldn't be too hard, I decided to do the repairs myself at home That proved to be more difficult than I expected. It has been a week now, and problems after problems have sprung up. Now I am at a in impasse at such a tangibly close goal. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could give m
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