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  1. Reddy is right. They should replace it. Sondors is good with responses via email, but not on the weekends I have noticed.
  2. Hahah, I love that video of your niece. It's really funny because when I was watching it, a Mr. Softee truck was outside my window playing that damn jingle and then it came on the video and I couldn't tell whether it was outside or inside my apartment and why did it suddenly have a much louder echo. HAHAHA. I had to stop the video for a second before I realized it was in the video. That song is so ingrained in my head from mostly working at home these days. Anyway, she obviously was having a lot of fun! Gonna look into a camera like that. Really cool shots and I guess you can ed
  3. BexNYC


  4. Cool, that probably means that it is smart enough to stop charging when it goes green. Sondors should clarify this. Maybe the instruction not to leave it plugged in is old and not relevant anymore?
  5. Cool, yeah, that first 30 miles was just my first charge. Last night the battery was down to 3 or 4 bars, kept going back and forth, so it must have been around 50% according to that table that Reddy has. I charged it up last night. I am betting a lot of the juice was used when I did the last 6 miles as fast as I could with the engine running almost continuously, just to see what it could do. Riding in the city is so much fun. It was especially weird back in late March and April when there were so few cars, but traffic is back to normal (possibly worse than before this pandemic hit).
  6. By the way, Sondors recommends not leaving it on the charger when it is fully charged. I am not sure I understand why, but it might be because it isn't a particularly smart charger (unlike laptop or phone chargers, which have a cutoff for the voltage in the battery pile). The light goes green, but it still stays warm and the fan keeps going. Typically chargers these days monitor the voltage, which is a simple current and op-amp addition to stop applying current when the battery has the optimal maximum voltage. But Sondors chargers do not seem to have this simple part of the circuit, even if
  7. Did you plug in the battery to the charger before plugging the charger into the wall? For me, the fan runs all the time and the charger gets hot. There is serious amperage going through that thing into the battery pile.
  8. Hi Everyone, I just got my Fold X here in Manhattan last Thursday evening and put it together. I already ran it 30 miles and pushed it to some limits, about 1000 ft climb at max speed--which is a bit of a feat, but not to me really, been riding regular bikes since I was 5 and have done thousands of miles over the years. This is my first E-Bike, and it is wonderful. I can go so much farther with the same effort and see so much more. The bike is fabulous, if really heavy. I haven't had a bike this heavy since the late 90s early mountain bike made of steel. But on level 1 PAS it is as
  9. The post of the documentation on the controller didn't come through. I try again, nerd as I am: http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/Users Manual-KD51C-KDS.pdf
  10. Ricky! Soooo cool. One of the reasons I got the bike is beach riding. I did that when I was kid. We would rent this hut in Amaganset, which was not stylish at the time (I'm probably a bit older), but I loved riding my bike on the sand. Anyway, fab video, and how the hell did you do some of those shots? Following drone or a camera on a long antenna? Anyway, this bike is awesome. I did another 20+ miles today. I'm in Manhattan and took it over to Randall's Island with my friend on a non-engine bike. The engine is amazing, and I regularly do huge climbs with my old bike (5-bridges 3
  11. Oh! That washer, no don't worry about that. I don't think that is relevant. The version I have, which I think we both have doesn't need that, in fact it might screw up the steering bearings. I had a weird knocking in the column when I first put it together, but I just hadn't gotten the torque right on the main screw. After I took my ride I redid the tension in the steering column and all is good. I am certain, if you have the same model as me, you don't need that washer. Take a look at the main Sondors assembly page and you will see an updated video, geared toward the Fold XS, but basica
  12. Nice Pics! and the laser is cool. I have a tail light with lasers too, different model though. It also does turn signals. Hehe. What spacer are you talking about? I was a bit confused with the spacer on the steering column for a bit, but that shorter one on the bottom should stay in. I wasn't sure whether to remove it, but it is needed. Also strange that they would bust that part and just throw it in the box. Hahah, kinda funny actually. I guess that happened in China. That bucket is a great idea. What size is it? Looks like a perfect fit. Also, I put a street tire
  13. Hi Rick, Rebecca (or Bex or Becca) here. Also in NY. I just got my Fold X today! Box was quite mangled, and UPS missed their target delivery by a day, but it turns out nothing seems to be damaged. I did have to bend one of the magnet bits for when you fold it a little, and the crankshaft gear is ever so slightly tilted with respect to the crankshaft axis, but not enough to warrant significant work. As expected I had to spend a bit of time adjusting the brake orientation and cable lengths, which is a bit fiddly, but not a big job. The worst part of assembly was getting the front fork pads
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