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  1. Hey Reddy, So I took your advice and went ahead and purchased the new controller off of electric bike world. I left out the new display for now in order to try to save some money but will get around to it soon. I’m waiting for the component to arrive and was browsing the forum, and just noticed that the higo connector that connects the battery to the controller has some pushed in pins. Do you have any idea if this could cause an issue? Let me know.
  2. Oh also the charged doesn’t go red before it goes green when plugging in the battery. Just right to green. I just saw another part that you edited too and was wondering if I can test if the motor is making any scraping noises without the motor running?
  3. Here’s a photo of inside the throttle, here’s another pic So the previous owner said she thinks it’s the battery and has already ordered another one so I guess that’s worth a shot. As for what you mentioned in the edited portion of the last message, I’m not exactly sure what wire you are talking about can you try to explain like you are talking to a 5 year old (one that has never owned a second hand Sondors thin of course). Lol sorry for the confusion, thanks for the help!
  4. Multimeter is on its way, will be here tomorrow! This may also be something else to note, the battery level indicator will not get rid of this first red dot. If this means anything let me know, if not I will keep you posted with updates.
  5. Alright Reddy I’ll give my best shot to show what’s going on here. Here’s the Higo connector you were talking about, seems alittle bent but in tact! In addition to that, here’s the loose wire I mentioned earlier that I’m suspect about. Let me know if this is supposed to be like that (I’m assuming not) To fill you in with more specifics I tried to start the bike again today and I think it may be helpful to mention that when I press the throttle, the bike gives a tiny thrust and shuts down. Almost like a blown fuse. As for the multimeter, I will be goi
  6. Hey Reddy thanks for the quick response! So I tried disconnecting both brake wires and there didn’t appear to be any results from that. As for the multi meter, I don’t currently own one but can go pick one up in the morning. It is important to note however that the bike came with an extra battery which is doing the exact same thing when trying to run. This is a real head scratcher! thanks, jack
  7. Hi all, I just bought a Sondors Thin second hand, yesterday while I was riding it it appeared to be working fine until the battery died shortly into the ride. I charged the battery up fully this morning, making sure to do so correctly. After putting the battery in the frame, the lights indicating that the battery was charged on the throttle were all lit up. However when I engaged the throttle the battery cuts out, and will not turn back on until I charge it again, resulting in the same thing. I noticed that the furthest cable to the right connecting to the motor is not connected to anythi
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