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  1. I am also in Orange County, waiting for a Rockstar and riding my own DIY rig in the meantime. Maybe us OC owners and wannabes can get together for the occasional ride.
  2. Hi I am in San Clemente, I ride up in that direction a lot. I am waiting for my Rockstar, February delivery but I have my diy rig in the meantime. Maybe we can from a local ride group.
  3. Hi Ron. Have you put yourself on Sondor's Map? https://sondorsforum.com/membermap/ Maybe we can hit critical mass and do some organized local group rides. My Rockstar will be a while though.
  4. Ima waiting for my Rockstar. I am on the Feb delivery schedule. I am looking forward to reviews from owners who receive theirs before then. I have my DIY rig to ride in the meantime. Much impatience....
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