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  1. I loved my Fold X, but actually sold it on CL and ordered up a Wallke X3 Pro to replace it. Kinda regretting it right now cause it's currently delayed and Wallke's support isnt nearly as good as Sondors 😐
  2. Long boring vid of some of guys at work taking the bikes for a spin. The first one claims to have motorcycles, but was having quite a bit of trouble with a pedal bike lol
  3. After my original charger went South due to a cooling fan issue, someone on the SONDORS FB page suggested going with a Luna Cycle Advanced charger that allows partial charge settings https://lunacycle.com/luna-charger-48v-advanced-300w-ebike-charger/?fbclid=IwAR0CRiZ8UN41dSmrXnySchI1nSPsfg_uTirDs8wG_5G1v63pZwfzX7UpEXA Now, SONDORS has already sent me a replacement charger and it appears to be working fine, but I kinda like the idea of doing a partial charge when I don't really have the need for a fully charged pack. Anyone here using one of these chargers (or anythin
  4. Picked up another bike on CL for $100 bucks :) Seller said it had a problem with the power cutting in and out He took it to a bike shop and they told him it needed a new motor Since it was only bought in June, the company sent him a new wheel/motor, but that wasn't the problem He has since bought other bikes and put this one up for sale cheap I snatched it up and it turns out the battery prongs were bent Took less than a minute to fix and it was good to go Added a cheap luggage rack to the X and picked up another bin for the other bike
  5. Added a little split loom to protect the foot loop A little ride around the workplace (360* video, watch in YouTube app for VR)
  6. Thanks for the info I decided to monitor and document the second charge with random temp checks Unfortunately, in a little less than an hour, the charger went *poof* and I was greeted with that lovely aroma of burnt electronics Here's video: I'll be giving SONDORS' a call in the morning. Hopefully they will take care of this quickly so i can get back on the road
  7. Yes, I plugged the battery in first, then flipped the switch on my power strip. After I noticed the fan wasn't spinning, I tried plugging and unplugging in all different ways, but no change. I left it plugged in for about 5 hours and it went green overnight While it was red, the charger got pretty warm, but once it was green again, it had cooled down I'll be setting a timer from now on
  8. Wow Must be nice to do so much riding out in the city I've only done about 10 miles or so myself, but had about 20 different people take her for a spin who all want an ebike now lol Just curious, but how many charge cycles have to done so far? As for the video, I used a 360* cam on a selfie stick Here's a quick vid of my niece taking it out for a spin (watch in YouTube app for VR effect on phone or tablet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNVHEqSItmM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNVHEqSItmM Thanks for the info on the display The PDF didn't load for
  9. My Fold X arrived a few days ago and when I plugged in the charger, I noticed the cooling fan wasn't working πŸ€” I figured it might be stuck, but when I blew into it, it spun freely. Then I thought it might be thermal activated, but I didn't see it move even when it got pretty warm. Didn't watch it all night, but the battery was fully charged the next morning without issue. Is this normal? I tried contracting Sondors, but got no response
  10. Wow, thanks for the video page ☺️ I didn't know it existed lol Good to know the washer won't cause issues. Love this bike!! Gotta admit, from a distance, it looks like a kids bike, but once you get on it, it feels like a big dirt bike I can tell I've already caught the bug though and will most likely sell it to upgrade to the XS lol I'm actually out on the Island and usually drive my Cruiser at Demo Beach I always see fat tires bikes out there and have been jealous cause I'd never make it out there on my 29'r Would lov
  11. I had a similar laser taillight on my 29'r Decided to go with a smaller one this time around. As for the washer, it goes below the large Allen head plug that holds the stem in place. See the 2:20 mark in this video... Went for my first ride about an hour ago and absolutely loved it!! Had everyone here at work taking turns in the parking lot. Lots of naysayers as well and now they're on the hunt for an ebike lol As for the storage bin, it's 50 gallons ($18 bucks at Walmart) They had sev
  12. Hey Becca, mine actually arrived at my shop Thursday morning, but I didn't get a chance to put it together until after midnight Box was in perfect conditon, packed very well and it went together much easier than I anticipated (the build video I watched on YouTube was for an older model with way more wiring involved). Only issue I ran into was a missing thrust washer for the handle bar (not even sure if it's needed, but it was in the video for the older model) and the magnetic base bolt thingie had snapped off πŸ˜• What's funny is that the broken piece was in one of the zip loc
  13. Just curious, but were you able to upgrade the stock controller?
  14. Hello, my name's Rick and I recently purchased my first E-Bike (Fold X) Like with every other hobby I take up, I always join a forum, so here I am
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