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  1. Ha Ha! Great post! For they're hangin' Danny Deever, you can hear the Dead March play,
  2. Do you have a manufacturer's web site for buying the wax based lube? I ride a few miles to work everyday, all weather conditions on pavement, so what is a good indication of when to lube the chain? It is imperative for me to get as many miles/years as possible out of my 2020 XS, thus preventive maintenance is mandatory. 'BTW Is it (KMC) chain?'
  3. I am still waiting on the late September delivery of the Sondors fenders and rack set. I have received the Rockbros pannier. Very nice and big. Hopefully it will work.
  4. Fixing a Flat tires out on the road has been a concern on my mind since I saw the size of the tires on my new XS. Does anyone ever use fix-a-flat on 4" plus tires to get them home apart from roadside major surgery and when there is no other way? Reddy's story about pumping to 20psi is reassuring to me and encourages me to buy a Luna air compressor after I research it some more. Please post more info regarding flat repair so all newbies can have some peace of mind. Thank you for the forum posts. BTW, I do not ride off road, strictly pavement everywhere I travel.
  5. I have yet to learn how to reset the trip mileage back to zero to start fresh before each commute. I would also like to keep the odometer showing the total mileage the e-bike has been ridden. Seems I lost total mileage somehow recently.
  6. Yes, on occasion, I also plan to carry large bags of cat food in the rear (quick clip) Rockbros 20plus litre pannier.(Great pic). The front basket or porteur is for smaller, less heavy items. Hopefully the Sondors clip on bag will be useful for tools and a small air pump, etc. I have seen images of a lowrider front rack, but as you iterate, caution should be taken about overloading the front steering, and I agree. Your Sondors bike with the yellow rims is ideal. I'm a rather large fellow yet I reckon these bikes could haul 50 #'s of groceries.
  7. Walt.Mann


  8. I'm gambling the nylon ROCKBROS AS-002-1BK will fit the Sondors rear rack. I have yet to receive either.
  9. Since my Sondors XS-August 2020 , is a beast with 4" wide tires, I am looking for a front porteur style rack that would fit without modification. The bike is my only mode of transportation and I carry all of my shopping up front and in rear panniers. Would there be anyone who could recommend a front porteur rack possibly with a basket and how would it (easily?) connect to an XS ?
  10. I'm quite new to my Sondors XS, having just received it a few days ago. I will most likely have a few early on questions for the experts out there from time to time. One of my first enigmas is the screw on the hydraulic brakes which has engraved next to it 'mineral oil'. How often is it required to add the mineral oil and how may I know when it is time to add? I'm confident it will be some time or maybe never that this lube will be required, yet I'm curious. It's all new to me.
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