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  1. Received the kit from electro today. They said it would fit the 2020 fold via my email request , but opened everything up and....it doesn't work. See pictures for details. The new sondors controller only has 3 wires coming from it, an 8 pin, a (5pin) PAS, and the new 4-1 sondors harness wire that has the 2 ebrake cables, throttle and Lcd cables into it. I found a couple options for controllers that have this similar setup, but the PAS on the only have 3 pins, Sondors has a 5 pin plug? Any ideas?
  2. i read those posts and all the replies before purchasing. we purchased all the parts mentioned in the posts. now i am being told that it wont work due to the new wiring harness sondors uses in their newer bikes. Our fold x is a brand new 2020 model
  3. Hi all. New to this forum, but have been reading a bunch of topics prior to signing up. We recently purchased and received a 2020 fold x 7 speed with wires housed inside the frame. After reading the forums regarding upgrade to a 25a and color LCD, i purchased the following from electrobikeworld: -25a controller with HIGO connectors - KT-lcd8h color LCD display -KT LCD3 extension cable 5 pin - PAS extension cable - new thumb throttle 6 pin Higo plug. My wife posted about our new bike and plans to upgrade. she received a couple responses stating that installing the new 25a controller will be difficult/ impossible to do because of the wires running through the fame ( rear brake line) due to the new wiring harness that sondors is installing on all newer bikes? any help or guidance will be appreciated. I will be receiving the upgrade parts in the next day or so. want some guidance before i open up the bike and start the project. Thank you in advance
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