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  1. Look at https://www.1up-usa.com/ and motorcycle carriers. Traditional bike racks are too lightweight.
  2. Hey Steve, I have been riding the X for the last 2 days until my XS (arriving today) arrives. The X was a blast, 20mph, takes hills pretty well even thou Im a big (fat) guy. Cant wait for the XS.
  3. Hello new ebikers, just received my Sondors X ebike. This bike I ordered on Aug 30 with a late Sept promised delivery, showed up on the 7th which is close enough for me. If you are waiting impatiently, they send you a ups tracking number and it took 3 business days to ship from that time. Note assembly is a little different from the videos. Keys are attached to the handbars to remove the battery. First the seat comes attached and no need to remove from the box. The bike is nicely packaged and mine came damage free as far as I can tell. Front wheel axel has a bolt for shi
  4. Live so close that it only hit one distribution center at 0100 before out to delivery, not much to track.
  5. Just FYI, label printed Thursday arrived today..
  6. Now you get to wait for it to actually ship.....I received tracking number on Thursday...still waiting for an update...sigh...maybe it will be cooler here in socal when I finally get it.
  7. Hey, one of my bikes, an X, shipped today. so they are starting to move.
  8. Hey Steve, thanks for your update. I am also in SoCal so shipping should be next day. I contacted them last week and they said mine should ship sometime this week. I am sure that it is now shipping 5th thru the 10th like your.
  9. Just curious, when did the website say they were suppose to deliver? Which country are you in? I am waiting for 3 bikes with an end of Sept 2020 delivery per website when I order.
  10. Let us know if you find one. I need a rack for the back of my truck.
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