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  1. Also checked charger output which shows 55.4 volts which seems fine for a 48 volt battery
  2. Yes, that's how I do it and did it that way first time and the battery charged just fine. Now, only green light comes on and not charging. Can I send battery to Sondors so they can check why it won't charge? Just wondering what my options are....I guess in a pinch I could drive the battery out there if need be..long drive though...is that a possibility ?...thanks for your quick response.....dennis
  3. Battery charged when bike first assembled. Rode 20 miles till battery indicator showed about half full and then tried to charge to full strength. Only green charger light comes on but will not charge. My meter shows 55.4 volts coming from charger. Something must be wrong with connector on battery as bike is only a week or so old. Please give any advice I can try. Took battery off bike and tried charging and same result. Can use some help here...
  4. Where can we find a manual for the newest displays? I just put my mxs together today (8-28-20) and already know I would like to increase the number of pedal assists to 9, but haven't a clue how to do that. Thanks for any help...dennis roshay
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