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  1. My outside temp was registering 88 degrees as it was pretty hot. That is why I questioned the 59 It is the newer thin that I have. Anyway, not that it is a big deal as I barely ever go past 1 when I ride. I use the throttle when I have too much hill as I have bad knees.... Awesome bike. Really liking the MXS and hope to have that in my garage sometime. Great fun and great riding. Thanks for feedback
  2. I finally got my sondors thin (2017) To show motor temp and it seems to be stuck on 59 degrees. Is this normal? Moved speed up to 3 and no change in temp. Was looking for a doc that might show all the settings for the lcd. All I could find was a general video and more for a fat tire. Anyone else have this??
  3. No worries, it was a lesson learned about bike spokes that wasn't all that expensive. I feel I learned a lot about this and am ready to tackle the next project as I am so enjoying biking on these Sondors bikes. In doing this I see how easy it is to replace the tube and tires and how to true a wheel.... which I am still a little sketch on. I do appreciate the feedback and love that I can post on this forum and get feedback right away. Happy biking and thank you again for your input. It was very much appreciated
  4. well, I got my spokes and they are too short. Looks like I need more like 230 mm or 232 mm. In my effort, I lost the old nipple inside the rim. Now I hear it rattle as I ride. I was hoping to be able to replace without removing my back tire.... looks like now I will have to. Never as easy as they show on youtube......
  5. I was looking at these..... https://www.amazon.com/10PCS-Bicycle-Spokes-Nipples-88-300/dp/B07CLBJTSN/ref=pd_sbs_468_4/144-1227792-8188807?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07CKY47D6&pd_rd_r=d256ed73-c0c1-42d0-94df-8ef180844427&pd_rd_w=VDA3v&pd_rd_wg=7LmGY&pf_rd_p=0b2db3d1-33eb-418a-9672-bb9bd54808e8&pf_rd_r=AC9V44Y1NYW457003SDX&refRID=AC9V44Y1NYW457003SDX&th=1&psc=1 I guess as long as they are 228 mm right? Are the front tires the same?
  6. Did you put them in yourself?? I am thinking about doing just that. I got my Thin in 2017, I would assume it is a 29 inch wheel right?. Thank you for your quick reply
  7. Do they have the Sondor spokes in stock? What size are we supposed to get as I have a broken back Spoke as well. The shop wants to keep my bike for 3 weeks to fix it as they do not take orders and then bring the bike the day before... too many people never came back.... One person poops their pants and we all have to wear diapers!! I think I will try to install myself as it would be a good thing to know. Just would like to know the size.
  8. Yup, took it off and there it was. Would have been nice if they could have put a hole in that guard. But hey, Gin is good too. Thanks
  9. Where did you screw the rack on the right side where the gears are? I have a thin as well and cannot find a screw hole. Is the metal bar guard blocking it?
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