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  1. Thank you for your attempt to help Mike. Here's what I'm looking at. And I've tried turning it around and around, and tried all eight positions, and I still keep getting an error message. Any ideas?
  2. Recently, I got a flat tire (rear). While changing out the tire, I unplugged the circular pin plug/jack thing where the wire attaches near the rear hub motor. Afterward, when I replugged it, I keep getting an error message. I tried turning the plug again and again to try all the different lineups but I just keep getting the error message. Can someone tell me the right way it's supposed to go, and if there is some kind of reset I need to do. This is all for a Fold X. And thank you.
  3. Hi folks. First-time e-bike buyer here; 64 years old, Daytona Beach, Florida; writer and copy editor, mostly retired. I did a lot of investigation into e-bikes for about four or five years. I gave it a lot of thought. In just the last two weeks, I did one heck of a “due diligence” before purchasing, and one of the key deciding factors for me (among others) was the size and vitality of the online communities of Sondors e-bike enthusiasts, and their expressed satisfaction with the product and the lifestyle. *** Now then…to the title of this post, well, here it is: my wife died sud
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