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  1. Does anyone have, or know where to find an adapter from 3 pins ( 750 motor) to 9 pins ( 350 motor)? Thank you!
  2. Greeting form Orange county California ! This is a great forum. Just got two used original fatty , first and second generations, some repairs required. Looking forward to enjoy them with my family , with your support and expertise!
  3. Is there any advantage to upgrade to a 7 speed throttle on an original fatty ( ebike logo) with still 26v battery and 350 bafang? Thank you!
  4. They have competitive prices and easy to follow web site. Recommended
  5. I bought this today , just to see in the meantime if I can run the bike i Inherited properly https://electrobikeworld.com/products/25amp-controller-with-higo-connectors Can you show me the inn side of your bike on how the setup for the 52 V batter goes? Also if you can please show me the link of the cheap bafang 750 that i can use with my case. thank you! does this one work with my bike? the battery is the original 26 plus the new controller i just bought https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32816994546.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.4833284fCKTfzJ&algo_pvid=834f5926-70b2-44d0-bc22-53a736a5502c&algo_expid=834f5926-70b2-44d0-bc22-53a736a5502c-6&btsid=0ab6d69f15946767924483866e0737&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Are you in SOCAL?
  6. also, if i want to upgrade to the 500 bafang motor, do I need to upgrade controller and battery as well?
  7. no particular sound or resistance on the motor. I'm really thinking it's the controller. you can hear a whizzing sound coming form the traingular box, like it wants to work bu tit doesn't. Do you have any reccomendation on which one to choose to replace this one in the pic? Thank you!
  8. thats sounds complicated lol I will have to find some you tube video on how to do that
  9. Higo motor cable properly plugged in, didn't t se any bent pins. Throttle wires seem good ( i attached pics). I'm thinking , hoping controller issues. Do I have to buy the 85 dollars from their web sites or do you have any reccomendation for the original 2015 fatty model? Thnak you!
  10. Davide Busetti

    Davide Busetti

  11. Yes the throttle leds are all on and the power button depressed. At the beginning i get a little kick, but it dies right away. As soon as I get the meter I will send you the reading for an opinon
  12. I recently got from a friend an original ( maybe 2015 ) fatty,. Pretty teal color but he told me it doesn't work. I read some of the posts of this excellent forum. Here is my plan. 1. I bought a cheap meter from amazon and will check if the battery ( canister) is the problem, the led display on top seems to indicate it is full. 2. I f that's not the problem I will purchase a new controller to replace for the 350W motor . Do you have any recommendation? . All I seem to find is the ones on eBay from china that take forever to get here. My question is , after battery and new controller, what would be my next step? I REALLY appreciate any suggestion , especially if it is specific. Thank you !!
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