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  1. Actually I got the hang of it. To take the bike up the stairs: Fold only the handle bar and pedals, grab the frame where the seat pole is into with one hand and under the tank near the front wheel with the other hand, inclining the bike up like the stairway. climb up with the bike against your hips and chest. To get the bike downstairs is easy but needs subtlety. lift the bike in a wheely position, front wheel up and roll it on the back wheel using the back brake to take it down one step at a time. taking the battery off helps make it lighter to climb upstair
  2. Hello everyone I am introducing myself. Eddie in New York City near Chinatown, I received my Sondors Fold X two days ago and I am thrilled after riding it for one minute. I rode all day until 3 am and the battery was still showing more than half full. It’s a wonderful bike. My trouble is finding cool tech accessories such as front rack or basket. I really like the holding black system by Brompton allowing to clip all sorts of large baskets or even luggage. I wander if it would be possible to adapt it on the Sondors frame which was a missing two holes in order to make it work. Every other
  3. I live in Manhattan NYC and I have to carry my Fold X up 2 flight of stairs. It’s really heavy. Are there any recommended affordable slings or bags I can get on Amazon or any sources to ease carrying the bike up stairs a few floors on a daily basis? I feel that if I had a back pain one day I couldn’t carry it, I looked at many carrying bags but they don’t specify if they will carry thick tires and frames, and the carrying handles are so thin and cheap looking, it would dislocate your arm off your shoulder. i feel a Fold X Sondors is like carrying a bunch of gold bars, the bag or carry s
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