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  1. Does anybody know which aftermarket fenders fit the Sondors MXS? Does anybody know who manufactures the fenders that Sondors sells in combination with the rack and bag? I bought a rack and bag since Sondors was out of stock, but I'd like to buy fenders. THANKS!
  2. Does anybody know where I can get fenders for my MXS? No sense reinventing the wheel if someone has already found these. Sondors sells the fenders with a rear rack and bag, but I already have a rack and bag. Any help would be much appreciated. THANKS!
  3. Thanks again, Tim! I'll watch the video before attempting to adjust the brakes. I appreciate your help!
  4. Thank you, Tim! I'll try that. I have close to 800 miles on my bike, so I should be able to ride quite a bit before I change the pads. Do you know if the pads are a standard size or do they come in different sizes?
  5. How do I adjust the rear brakes on my Sondors MXS? I have to squeeze the brake lever pretty far in order for the rear brakes to work. Also, how do I know when to replace the brake pads? THANKS!
  6. Has anybody found fenders for their Sondors MXS bike? I'd much rather rely on the advice of others than spend hours researching this myself. Any advice would be very much appreciated. THANKS!
  7. I'm going to try that. It might be easier than the swing move. Thanks.
  8. I ended up going with the Ibera PakRak Quick-Release Commuter Bike Trunk Bag and Seat-Post Bicycle Carrier Rack Combo. I bought this on Amazon for $84.99. The rack mounted easily on my seat post (rubber shims are provided) and the bag snaps onto the rack and has a quick release tab in back. The bag is fairly small but it holds more than I thought it would hold. It has pockets all over the outside for more storage room. A loop on the back is perfect for my flashing light. My large U-lock fits perfectly in the bottom of the bag and I put my groceries or whatever on top of the lock. Getting on the bike can be a little tricky since I have to swing my leg over the seat and the bag. Getting off is a little trickier since if you don't remember that the bag is on the back, your leg will hit it and you might knock your bike over. I'm 64 and 5'10". If I can do it, so can you :). I appreciate everyone's input. Keep on bikin'! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002YSN5W6?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_asin_title
  9. Dave Taube

    Dave Taube

  10. Sweet. Now I have to decide between a top mounted bag or panniers. Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks so much for your response. I did some preliminary research before I posted last week and I like the Ibera top mount bag. I didn't consider that it might be tough to swing my leg over the bag when getting on and off the bike. Good point. My main question is about the rack, rather than the bag. I would like to find a rack that fits the bike and then I'll consider whether I want a top mount bag or panniers. Do most or all standard racks fit onto the bike or do I have to go with the Sondors rack (and bag)? Thanks again.
  12. Does anyone know which aftermarket carriers and bags fit a Sondors MSX? I'm not sure if I want a standard top-mounted bag or panniers. Probably a removable top-mounted bag. THANKS!
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