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  1. Hey. So, I looked up the LCD manual online. My bike didn’t ship with a manual, but I found a manual for just the controller/LCD. After sorting out some obvious typographical errors, I put in the default code for factory settings and reset the darn thing. The first rule of using digital electronic systems - When in doubt, reboot. Problem solved.
  2. The Youtube videos you cited in you reply post are for a different model Sondors. I have a Sondors Step. No idea where the controller is even located, so I can’t replace that little Higo connector thing you linked me to. If you could clear that up for me, I’ll order another Higo and replace the old one. Assuming the culprit might be the LCD/Throttle assembly, I removed them, heated the up with the hairdryer and stuck them deep in a bag of rice a day or so. I’ll let you know if that alone got me anywhere.
  3. I have a Sondors Step. This has about 250 miles on it. I ride in Hawaii. It's hilly and sometimes wet. I was riding to work (late) using pedal assist 5, the power cut out. I still had power to the LCD panel but the battery symbol was flashing on and off. I call my wife loaded the bike up and brought it home. I removed the battery and looked at it. It displayed 3 green dots on the small battery panel and no red dot. I actualy have a second battery and tried that and I had the same issues - no pedal assist, LCD panel was on but the battery indicator flashed on and off. I disconnected each of the two brake lever connectors in turn to check if they were cutting power. Assuming I did this right, there didn't seem to be any difference. So what's my first step to troubleshoot? You're going to say to buy a multimeter, right?
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