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  1. Got my XS on friday, has 50 miles on it already ! I just have one question,why would you buy any other fat tire bike! One day on the trail I came across a RAD Rover owner so we stopped to check each others bikes out,I could tell by the look on his face that he wished he bought an XS. Compared to my old gas bike, the XS has slightly more power (70 cc two stroke) with that said I am very happy with this bike and not looking back! Greak job Sondors and Thank you!!
  2. Great job Sondors,those mid drive bikes look amazing!
  3. I also noticed how you have your bike lock installed , if someone tries to steal it they will find out they can't after bending or breaking a couple of spokes on the wheels.
  4. What a great color!! May I suggest swapping out your 20a controller for a 25a one, that might be enough to make the bike climb that hill a little better. That 500w motor is a very capable motor if you feed it,you already have a great battey. Hope this helps.
  5. i just ordered an XS in graphite because of the reason you stated
  6. Very Nice,Great job if you could , post some pic inside the battery box on the sondors red 60v 750w.
  7. thanks for your reply Reddy, i like the profile pic.i should get my bike in mid July and looking forwardto it .Ive done alot of research on fat tire ebikes and found the XS the best option for me , dont trust mid drives.
  8. Well I think you can guess by my username 🤔 going from gas to electric!! Just wondering if the XS has a true 750w motor unlike that other fat tire rad.
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