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  1. I got an email that the black chain drive begins shipping today!
  2. I ordered the Sondors LCD; this waiting isn't easy. I've got myself fooled that buying things will speed up the arrival!
  3. biknut, I love what you have done. Your ebike reminds me of a bobber motorcycle I built just because I had the parts laying around! Had to sell it to have some oral surgery; that hurt in more ways than one!
  4. Thanks guys! Robert, those fenders look really sharp on your bike!
  5. Partner, so sorry to hear about your mishap. From your photo I can tell we have a bit in common. I just ordered my Sondors so I haven't had the chance to do anything stupid. That is definitely a concern of mine. Hopefully my common sense will win out over my new found "freedom" on the ebike! I wish you a speedy recovery! BTW, I am not implying you were doing anything stupid; I have the market covered on that (can you catwalk an ebike?)
  6. I ordered a black thin a few minutes ago. I'm an older guy that used to bicycle a lot. I live in Central Florida and on a barrier island off the West Coast of Florida. I should be able to ride my ebike most days. I'd love to hear your opinions as to what upgrades (specifics as to manufactures and how to purchase), i.e. baskets, lights, LCD etc. Thanks for the insight!
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