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  1. Problem solved, the error 24 Hall Sensor was caused from the wire going to the rear hub coming apart. Plugged together and all was good. who knows the plug being loose might have caused my other shutdown. Fingers crossed.
  2. Bike cut out again, this time , easy ride, 1 mile after cycling battery switch and turning on LCD error code 24 fault with motor Hall Sensor bike still under 1 yr warrantee, thought I would ask here 1st . Suggestions welcome i have not contacted SONDORS other than to purchase, being lazy here, but does anyone have the best way to contact SONDORS for issues
  3. I purchased the fender and bag kit for my wife’s, Fold XS. On my fist 3 days of riding the bike it has come unlatched and has fallen to the ground 2 times. The 1st time, I had gone off of a curb and it popped off right away. I thought possibly I had not snapped the latch firmly. the 2nd time I know it was latched as well as it could be, this time I gently went off a curb Being careful 1st because it was pouring rain, 2ndly because I did not want bag to fall and have to deal with it in the rain. 4 miles latter I hit a small bump and it fell into the Gutter which was about 6 inches deep. Has anyone else had the issue? if so, how have you solved it? PS: If anyone cares, the bag is not water tight,l, by the time I had turned around and picked it out of the gutter, my papers inside were wet.
  4. Sounds like your a longtime rider who converted to ebike. I used to ride a ton, got hurt and never got back to it, Went for a couple rides, and was so out of bike shape I was over it. No ved on and became a gym rat, now a couch potato LOL . The Sondor will be my stepping stone back into the sport . The MinieE Was a BMW development car, had Lithium Ion battery, what’s funny, I had several instances just like I had on the bike cutting out, zipping along in fast lane, motor cuts out, regenerative braking kicks in while I am trying to get to shoulder. It would not reset, and had to be towed to dealer. Fun car, a lot of range anxiety though. Your garden looks cool, my wife has been ramping up our garden it’s a lot of work for her, As far as the gearing it’s all stock, I will look into the gearing, does anyone ever put a front detailed with multiple chainrings on the bikes, I could use higher and lower gearing. Also if I was able to get into the LCD controller, are there setting I can adjust to improve the bikes operation.
  5. I am with you, i will put more miles of varied usage and see how it goes. Truth be told this is my wife’s bike and I have ridden it to work 2 days so far, 13 mile each way. My use so far 4 Trips 52 miles total pressing it hard for the most part, I think I will be measuring battery voltage and checking component temperatures if issues come up. Day 1 Test 1, was how far will it go. RANGE ANXIETY I had an experimental electric MINI Cooper 8 years ago, I know range anxiety well. Wife said, take charger, I said no , I got this, I am known to be eternally optimistic. Got to work, used 2 bars (I agree it’s a pretty coarse measurement). Perfect, 2 bars to get home, one left over, I am good. Heading home bike dropped to 1 bar 7 miles from home, I dropped power assist to 2 & slowed down, short time later the one bar started flashing & I slowed more, No surprise to me, ran out of power on the uphill to the house. Darn thing is heavy, Ate crow, called wife to be picked up . I was surprised I made it as far as I did on the flashing one bar . 25 miles of hard use, with advertised range of 40 to 60, no real surprise there Day 2 test 2 was in my 1st post in this thread and Really was no different than day 1, Rode hard and peddled hard. Difference was, I charged bike before heading home and weather was a little warmer on ride home. Issue was power cutting out 3 different times on way home. stay tuned. LOL
  6. Reddy thanks for the info it may be immaterial, and what you said probably pertains similarly. if it makes and difference the spec on the bike are below, we got the higher watt because of our hill up to the house . I get it though lug it down and you suck down the battery and things heat up I will put some more miles on it and see if it is an ongoing issue, What I thought was odd, was 10 miles, pedal assist set to 2, throttle pinned. and pedaling hard to help out, no issue the 1st 3 miles were similar pedaling hard to help, except set to 5 maximum assist I am of the belief that the throttle gives you maximum assist regardless of the setting on the LCD heading up the steep hill, on Max assist , I totally get, and will work to understand the best way to go up hill without destroying it SONDERS Fold XSSpecifications Motor750 WATT Controller20 AMP Battery48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery with Panasonic® cells Maybe you have a similar spec sheet for the higher volt battery also, what do you do to monitor voltage, do you add a volt meter, some way? thanks for your help, once I get used to it. , I will be hitting you up on possible improvements for the bike.
  7. I put this under the wrong topic, I can’t locate a way to move it to a proper topic. many ideas?
  8. While riding bike it loses all power, bike only has 50 miles on it, sorry for long story below, tried to give all details, Bike is new, and I do not know what’s normal . Something does not seem right. Looking for everyone’s thoughts to understand if I have problem or this is normal. 100% charged battery I was on the bike for 3 miles, power assist 5, pedaling to assist, no pressing of throttle , speed 20 mph, very, minimal hills, had just coasted down a downhill at 25 mph, came to a stop at an intersection, when light turned green, I took off with throttle and bike lost power in 10ft, LCD shut off. I tried to turn on LCD, did not work. I cycled the power switch, did not work. Shut power off, rode for a mile thinking a thermal protector maybe cut off power, did not work. I folded the bike to totally disconnecting battery, looking for a reset button, did not see one, put bike together, it powered up. this worked, for a short time until I touched the button for LCD and power cut again. Disconnected battery again and all was good. UP TO THIS POINT I DO NOT FEEL I WAS PUSHING BIKE HARD I did not touch LCD after it powered up, Pedal assist was at 2, went 10 miles, throttle pressed max, pedaling hard, minor hills here and there, I was behind schedule now (Friday night out with WIFEY and was already late, you know how it is) no further issue to this point. THIS 10 MILES I FEEL I DID PUSH THE BIKE REASONABLY HARD. I got to the final 1/4 mile steep grade to my home Battery was at 4 bars at start of grade, I decided to move LCD to 5, maximum assist, i did not loose power. Pressed up the hill, speed decreased to 9MPH, near top, lost power again, I pushed bike to top, and put it away, without making an effort to get it working, several hours later went out and it powered up fine.
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