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  1. Damn, those are some nice bikes. That was a great time to be alive. I started out on a Hodaka. I also had a Puch 125 MX and a Husky 250. The modern MX bikes look like toys to me. They don't have the character of the classic bikes. Yeah I'm definitely too old now for anything but looking at them. So does riding an ebike on the backroads remind you of the good old days? I'm hoping it does that for me.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I'm curious about the whole Ebike scene. I'm and old dirt bike guy who did trail riding and motocross way back in the 70's. I did a lot of street and off road bicycle riding in the 80's and 90's. I'm retired now and the ebike looked like something that could get me back on two wheels and on backroads and trails. I looked at e-motorcycles and concluded that I would probably hurt myself trying to do some of the old MX stuff that I did as a kid, so I decided to try and ebike to see if I could get some exercise and enjoy the dirt roads and trails that I live near. I think I choose the Sondors because it reminds me of a fun trail bike that my friend had nearly 50 years ago. How's this for a fat tire bike?
  3. Great stuff! Looks like you've been busy! I've communicated with Luna, and it sounds like they will not have any inventory for a while, and from the Bolton site concerning their fat tire fork: " Tires above 4.5" are not recommended as the fit can be very tight." The current Sondors X are 4.9
  4. Thanks Reddy, I appreciate all of the information. Yeah, the issue is that there a lot of reasonably priced third party fat forks that look exactly like what I see in pictures of Sonders X with air suspension, but with those 4,9 inch tires, will the third party stuff really fit the wheels? I can't imagine that Sondors has someone making a proprietary sized fork that only fits their bike, but I could be wrong. Guess I'll wait until I get mine, and just take it apart and measure everything.
  5. I just ordered a new X model and want to have air front suspension ready to install on the bike when it arrives in June. I saw the air forks available on the Sondors site, and have looked around at Luna and Bolton and third part shocks that may or may not fit or may or may not be available. I have two questions: 1. On the Sonders site it appears to be two shocks available for the X model. One that will only fit pre Jan 2019 bikes and one that fits only post Jan 2019 bikes. Anybody know what changed to make these incompatible? Maybe a tire size, or is the frame somehow different? 2. Are there any published specs on the measurements on the current X model fork? Thanks for your help.
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