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  1. The serial number can be found above the fork but on the frame. Above the sondors logo.
  2. DIY: S-LCD3 Meter for Sondors eBike This walkthrough is for those who purchased the non Sondors S-LCD3 with the white flat 5-pin connector. If you are not comfortible with soldering, then you may want to wait for the retail Sondors LCD in xmas 2015. Walkthrough by Matt Moss Downloadable at uberbills.com/DIY-SLCD3-Soldering.docx S-LCD3 purchased from BMSBattery.com Tools: Screwdriver Wire Strippers Soldering iron 60/40 Solder   Step 1: Attach LCD3 to handlebars Step 2: Snip off the useless white flat 5-pin connector. Step 3: Pull meter cable through top hole in sondors battery box. (no picture)   Step 4: Snip off the round 5-pin female plug and strip all the wiring down a half inch. Step 5: Proceed to tin the stranded wire ends. tinning means to apply hot motlen solder to the stranded wire, which helps to solder two separate wires together. Step 6: Admire your soldering job and apply insulation. I used cheap electrical tape, but you should spend a few cents and get some shrink tube.   Step 7: Double check that no exposed wire is showing, and test our your new lcd meter. Hold the center power button to turn on. To keep the backlight on for easy viewing, press and hold the up arrow. If you hold and press the down arrow, your bike will lurch forward at a walking speed, so be careful! FAQ: Q: I press and hold the up arrow like you said and my bike wants to go for a ride. What gives? A: You installed your LCD button upsidedown. Reverse it and you should be fine. Q: Halp! Why is my LCD screen upside down? A: You installed your LCD screen upside down. /reverse it and you should be fine. Q: After installing the LCD, I am unable to engage the throttle and the bike does not move, yet everything is on. What Gives? A: Check that the LCD screen is actually on, you must have the LCD turned on in order for you to power your bike and use the motor.   If you have any questions, feel free to PM me (private eMails or information not permitted in open forum PM me).. Please include in the subject “Sondors Storm Owners Group” If this walkthrough helped you in any way, please consider donating! Have a nice day! paypal: private eMails or information not permitted in open forum PM me. btc: 1KFfPjPhngm1ZezWu1YUReNGXFpbfgxtoz
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