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  1. Thanks for sharing the background! Love your Moto! Ride on!
  2. 26 x 4.0 I took the nut off to look closer at it. It was definitely loose. I've found one via the Sondors FB group earlier today and it's being shipped to me tomorrow! Love this community!
  3. Hi ! Anyone have one they are willing to sell or know where I can find one. Mine is toast... Thanks - Clint
  4. Thanks Reddy! It's definitely a 2nd Gen Fatty! I did check and the Batter Holder was melted on one side, the post was lower and the nut was loose on the inside. I'll start searching for another one...I hope I can find one. If not, what options do I have? Thanks - Clint
  5. First off...I have searched the forum (and applied what I could quickly) and there's lots of good information, but I'm a process guy and I need a clear step by step troubleshooting process to follow. I've got a 2nd Gen Fatty with original motor (350w), controller (with a U) , battery (36v bottle) and LCD. I've added fenders and the installed the LCD when it was shipped later after the bike arrived). I pulled the bike out yesterday, charged the battery (properly) and went for a ride for about 10 minutes. Good power, changed through the speeds, ran only throttle and with power assist....basically the normal check out the bike stuff before a longer ride. Came back to the garage to grab my BoomBotix bluetooth speaker (see pic) and left again...within 100 yards I lost power and then all went dark. I've checked all connections, brakes, crankcase magnet, removed the battery (has a charge...see the video link) and reattached everything and all I get when turning it on is a red light (see the video link) that then fades out. I'm looking for advice on the logical steps to trouble shoot this. I appreciate your help! Clint IMG_2514 2.mov IMG_2512 2.mov
  6. I've owned a 2nd generation Fatty since the KS campaign. I added the fenders for the rain in Oregon and added the LCD when it shipped out later. I rode it lightly for short rides around my town in the first two years and then it started to gather dust in the garage other than a Bend, Oregon trip and the Dave Mathews Band concert in the Gorge on Labor day weekend last year. With COVID and my kids riding around more, I've pulled it back out. Love finding out about this forum!
  7. CMSO


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