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  1. Yesterday I finally received my new replacement battery for my Step. Charged it up, put it in the bike, and the LCD screen and motor still will not power up. Should I try replacing the controller next?
  2. Thanks for the info. Yes I have and do remove the battery from time to time. I have not noticed any burnt smell or unusual appearance on the battery it's self. So I understand, the controller is in the hub with the motor? I thought the controller was the LCD screen. I can purchase or barrow a multi meter and check the batter. Do I just touch anywhere on the end of the battery connections to see if it is sending power?
  3. I will take a picture of it tonight and post it. By frayed I mean the outside case of the cable if worn through. No wires are showing through the casing though. I believe this is from wear and tear as it is where the cable comes out of the tube on the bottom. No I do not ride in water, no I have not been in an accident. I do not have a multi meter so I cannot answer that. Yes I'm referring to the LCD screen going dark. Thanks Reddy....
  4. I have a Step I bought last October, I currently have 1,640 miles on it. Has been great and I love it. Unfortunately, last week while almost home from a nice ride my controller suddenly went dark and the bike lost power. It still had about 2 bars left on the battery when this occurred. When I got home a charged the battery fully, checked all connections to the controller and still no power, the controller does not even power up. Since my bike is under warranty, Sondors is sending me a new battery. I'm not sure that is the problem. After cleaning my bike, while I had it turned upside down on it
  5. benjamin3

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    Great ride to New Brighton Beach in Capitola, CA with 3 Sondors. Love these Bikes!
  6. Can you ride your ebike in the rain? Or will this damage the motor and the controls? Thanks.
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