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  1. I guess the whole time it was the lcd screen the problem and not the motor cause my other (not broken lcd)seems to get the motor working. Only thing is thos kt ld3 doesnt show the correct battery percentage just stays on full bars. But my bike works now so im happy its not the motor the problem now.
  2. Oh wait i just plugged in another kt lcd3 i had in a box and now the bike is working.
  3. Ok cool thanks. Well i know the lcd is broken and it is from impact which was a long time ago. I have been riding it for a while with this lcd screen so i dont think that its the lcd screen the problem. I do believe that maybe it was to cold for me to be riding it? Im just trying to figure out if buying a new motor would fix it. Thanks for your time.
  4. Ok so when i turn the bike on and move it it doesnt make any noise but after the motor gave out the back tire locked so i couldnt back up the back at all but now its not locked the tire moves backwards normally now. When i press the throttle it doesnt show any wattage and the battery temp just shows that its loading. When i press the throttle theres no noise coming from the motor. The noise only happend when i was out with the bike and when i turned it back on i heard a noise coming from the motor and than the back wheel wouldnt let me back it up. Heres some pictures and a video to show kind of whats going on. I dont understand cause the bike was running perfectly than just stopped. Also the lcd screen was damaged a long time ago so that isnt the reason why the motor gave out, was running fine. 20200418_165940.mp4 20200418_165940.mp4
  5. Hey so i was riding my sondors fold x 7 speed and the ride was going good than i had taken a break for a bit than turned the bike back on and it powered up normally but when i pressed the throttle the bike didnt budge and there was a noise coming from the motor. Now the bike will power up but the motor wont do anything and when i press the throttle it doesnt show any wattage and the battery temperature will load when i press the throttle. It is an older version purchased in 2016 roughly. Anyone know how i can fix this and where i can purchase a new motor replacement for the sondors fold x 7 speed? I dont understand why the motor gave out when the bike was riding normally now the motor wont work. I want to fix it but i need some information on how to do so.
  6. Thanks for the info i guess i will have to purchase the proper lcd screen. Been working on this for a while but i guess i bought the wrong lcd screen. Even though it said on the site that its compatable with the sondors bikes. My fault.
  7. Well its not from sondors but it does work when i plug it in and it the bike does run its just i dont have the motor characteristic parameter setting (P1) for the sondors fold x and also the power monitoring setting (P5). Im sure someone knows what the setting is just not telling me lol i have the manual i know how to set it up but i dont have the right specs to properly program it.
  8. I have the sondors fold x 7 speed and i had to purchase another lcd screen. Anyone know what the corect P1 and P5 settings are for the sondors fold x 7 speed?
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