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  1. Thanks for the info i guess i will have to purchase the proper lcd screen. Been working on this for a while but i guess i bought the wrong lcd screen. Even though it said on the site that its compatable with the sondors bikes. My fault.
  2. Well its not from sondors but it does work when i plug it in and it the bike does run its just i dont have the motor characteristic parameter setting (P1) for the sondors fold x and also the power monitoring setting (P5). Im sure someone knows what the setting is just not telling me lol i have the manual i know how to set it up but i dont have the right specs to properly program it.
  3. I have the sondors fold x 7 speed and i had to purchase another lcd screen. Anyone know what the corect P1 and P5 settings are for the sondors fold x 7 speed?
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