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  2. Hey, how’s your setup working after this time? I just got a X, and just put 209 miles in a week and half. Love it. i am in a recovery mode still, and have about 400 miles total from a long break from biking( 1996 - 2020). I do have 20 years of riding roads and mild trails! Long distance, 2 -3 days rides. Blah blah blah.. im wondering how easy was finding cassette’s and chain rings that are just a “part change”. The bike shops here ( Chico, Cal. ) seem less than helpful when I ride up and park the big Red X in front, I’m not sensitive, but I am paying attention... when I was a biker, I was also motorcyclist, (ARRA # 167, the club is gone, the track: Willow Springs international raceway rosamound, Cal. is still going strong) And I had super good job breaking stuff for air force and space commutations satellites at Huge AirCrash ( Hugh’s Aircraft, flight hardware and space and commutations div. high temperature structures test laboratory) so I bought expensive stuff, fixed what I could, made what I could, bought new better when I couldn’t. Don’t remember anything about bikes, milling machines and engine lathes, and remember things Teflon coefficients ,PEM fasteners load cycle to EOL, Wheatstone bridge calculations....things I can positively say “why” when I don’t use any of that any more. you have a good story about your X, so I rambled on...thanks. im going to find my login creds for this forum. weird, I guess I didn’t do the second click when signed up here after I ordered my red X
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