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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I will try to make it a bit more clear. I was a Navy ET 50 years ago. I do know very basic electricity functions. I bough this new. It is the basic fat tire with the springer front as the only factory add on. It has a 3 speed throttle and no mechanical gearing. It has the bullet shaped battery if that matters. I just looked at the sondors parts page. It could be the 2015 model. the controller model: SD36ZWSR-LD01 . I can not find the serial number on the head. If it's there it is painted out and I would have to scrape paint. When I plugged the charger cord into the battery there was a very large spark. I had forgotten to turn off the power switch. The battery had a partial charge with only a couple of miles of riding on it. The charger was not plugged into the wall. I don't see how it could have hurt the controller unless it was the inductive kick. I was going to ride for a while, so I wanted to top it off. The charger cord had failed at the plug so I soldered a replacement plug as a repair. I charged it this way twice while I was looking for a new heavy duty cord. I did not make a very good repair. The tape I put on the wiring had failed and shorted together. I checked battery voltage and it is 33.9 volts. The switch on the handlebar works. I tested it with a multimeter. Should I get a new controller? And a throttle switch maybe?
  2. I bought my Original fat tire Sondors 2 years ago. I'm getting where I can't ride hard so I got this to get me out in nice weather and get some exercise. I live in Parker, AZ
  3. I have the original Sondors fat tire 3 speed thumb controller bike. No upgrades. My charger failed and shorted out unknown to me. The charger plug wire shorted out when I plugged it in to charge without being plugged into the wall. It sparked at the plug before it was fully inserted. When I turned the bike on the lights did not come on. No power anywhere. I do not have the LCD screen. I pulled the cap off the throttle and tried shorting the switch wires. No power No lights.
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