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  1. I'm 5-11 and was feeling because of the folding telescoping handle bar riser at it's lowest position "was" so high - something like riding a motorcycle with "Ape Hangers". Very comfortable when riding on smooth streets but have no leverage when want to jump the front wheel ex, pot hole or curb, similar on the trail ... branches, berms. Standing on pedals a little help, sitting no. I started searching aftermarket shorter risers but couldn't figure out what would be a comparable spec so --- I took riser apart and cut the stock riser and telescoping extension 3". I duplicated the "slots, screws and set screw". Because the external tube tapers larger as it goes down to get the telescoping extension clamp to fit I marked width of band and sanded this area to match original diameter. Note: I set handlebar as low as I could without being in an awkward position. I've ridden 60 miles street and trail and it's much better to leverage up the front wheel, overall in more control, slight forward lean riding position, better height when stopped and straddling and shorter girlfriend feels much more comfortable. I might take off another 2 inches --- can always be raised via telescoping clamp. Anyone else have this to high issue? E
  2. Update: admin entry into advanced screen and upping speed to 25 worked. I get indicated 24 a little better than 20. In actuality 24 maxs out pedal gearing. What I am now needing is more grunt from the set up to assist climbing up the hills around Oakland. I have some leg issues and 215 lbs. Anyone have suggestions? Also I'm curious if there is a 1000+ watt hub motor that is a direct replacement (innards) of the factory 750? Yes I understand controller ampage needs to be inreased... (direct replacement).
  3. Thanks for the video link. I don't know the exact model of LCD color the came with the new Fold xs but via admin code have gone into the advanced settings. It is much easier - user friendly than the older screens. All the factory settings were acceptable except the speed limit which was 20mph which I changed to 25... which is as high as the display would go. I'll be doing a test ride later today and see.
  4. I just got my Fold xs. I have accessed LCD and input speed to 25 (which is as high as it will go in menu). Is there anything else I can or need to do without changing out controller? Ed
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