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  1. The matter is solved! I got a new controller today and all works fine again ! 🤗
  2. Thx Reddy.... yes I had the same with my Ipad 🙈 … Thx for your quick repsonse, the techteam didn’t reach out yet.... hopefully on Monday they will....
  3. I wrote the tech team a message.... still waiting on reply...
  4. Hi Andi, no that’s the weird thing... nothing out off the ordinary ....
  5. I did that, if I understand it well..... but that didn’t solve it .... still no response when I use the throtle or padles.... The thing is, I used this bike no more than 2 miles.... fresh out off the box, verry carefull, nothing crazy.... It just stopt when I turned it off while riding and switched it back on again while riding and than it stopt giving power... how do I proceed?
  6. You meen this one ? Looks fine to me .... I’d like to ad that the throtle isn’t working as well ... and all worked perfectly for 2 miles...
  7. Lost power by turning LCD Off while riding and by turning it back on while riding... then no more power sinds.... what to do....? I just got my fold x 250w , took it for a ride and after a mile or 2 I try what it does when I turn it off with the ‘i’ buttom.... when I turned it back on the LcD worked but no more padle assist and the throtle didn’t work also..... I tried turning it off and on and taking out the battery and put it back in, but no more assist ..... what to do ?? regards Jeppe
  8. I ‘m Jeppe , living in Nijmegen ... I just got my Fold X , witch is beautifull !
  9. Hallo, I finaly got my fold x and it looks verry cool ! But as soon as I took it for a ride it stopt ! I Turned the LCD off and on again and it stopt working. Now all I can do is use the paddels and the LCD , but there is no more assitens from the elecric motor... the throtle dodn’t work either..... What happend ?? Can I reset or so ? what to do ??
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