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  1. Thanks for your excellent reply, Reddy. Indeed, this is all much as I expected from background reading. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or the money to go higher or more involved than the current price point on a sondors x. I'm a poor aging conservationist... and really this island ain't that good a place to ride if you don't like getting killed by cars. Ideally I'd probably like a narrower-tire bike with a solid powerful battery and some gearing for under a grand. At my age, that simply may not happen affordably while I'm still around. I guess I could always get a small motorcycle and ride it slow... I'd prefer electric, but I'm already giving away many megawatt-hours free each year to the utility from the overage of my solar panels. Of course shipping adds $200 to an ebike shipped to my state too. best
  2. alas, that's kinda what I figured. Ironic a bit since it isn't hard to pedal a regular bike without hills. And they're lighter. My 24v old project bike has sort of a geared motor and would help me climb hills pretty well, but it had its limitations too, mostly just being a lead-acid 24v system. So it seems like most of the purported 500w of the sondors x hub motor wouldn't be used, because 500w would be the power of several cyclists pedaling at once, seems like. So why get a sondors bike? just to go faster on the flat? many thanks for your reply...
  3. Hi guys, I hope I'm not posting to the wrong area. I've been tempted to get an ebike for some time... well actually I bought a broken old 24v lead-acid bike and rewired it with new guts off ebay and it "sort of" worked but isn't working now, and I can't do hills with it. Here's the thing; my thighs have some degree of muscular impairment from some muscle problem with no medical name, but the upshot is that I can't peddle up much of a hill at all AND I live in a hilly neighborhood. In Hawaii. I'm wondering if the purported 500w bafang hub motor in the sondors x would allow a 200lb guy to go up hills without pedaling, or whether hub motors just won't do that very well. What has been the experience of people here? Thanks in advance.
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