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  1. Hello everyone, I received my Fold X (France) in January 2020, after 38 km of use in total, after recharging the battery, I no longer have pedaling assistance, no throttle assistance too. My problem seems to be the same as this topic: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2915-power-fail/?tab=comments#comment-10833 When I pedal the PAS sensor flash, seems to be correct... The LCD display works well. If I disconnect the motor cable, an error is well detected on the LCD display. On the LCD screen, the speed displayed is superior to reality. Can it come from the cable? you can look at the photo. I send a mail to Sonors and I received a response from the Sondors support: You would have received the bike with a small, blunt end black cap with a green inside installed on the cable now hooked up to the LCD upon the bike's delivery. What I would like you to do is trace the cable coming out of the back of the LCD down to its disconnect point. Unplug the LCD from the cable at its connection point and plug the black cap onto the open female end leading into/under the bike to the controller (The LCD should now be 'free floating', not connected to anything but still mounted on the bike). We need to know if they work steady with no interruptions or 'breaks' in the power flow to the throttle and PAS. Thank you for your help, my electric bike is no more electric Celine
  2. Heelo, oups OK, I thought this was the official forum. I can delete my post. Celine
  3. Hello, I would like a statement on SONDORS letterhead stating the specific specifications of my SONDORS Fold X which describes that the bike has a motor of 250 watts and an asistance up to 25 km / h as expected on EN 15194. This document allows me to have a financial gift from my city to promote people using ecological transportation (ebike). Any news on a Certificate of Conformity ? Thank you for your feedback. best regards, Celine
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