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  1. Well the tech had me go into the diagnostics section of the controller. Don't remember the exact readings but they started with def-various readings last of which was 00..... Don't know of reference information about this process. The tech asked me to go into three readings all with the "def" showing and toward the end of this he commented "that's odd" then saying we'll send out a new battery. Which came today, I installed it and rode the bike a bit as it showed nearly full charge. Bike ran as new again and when I turned it off the charger showed normal red lite and .Later showed full charge green lite. So it was the battery that failed. Sondors folk were very honorable and helpful.
  2. Trouble shot the problem with Sondors tech and they are sending another battery. Ours showed odd readings when accessing the control programs. Good deeds is my take away.
  3. Thanks for that information and yes the male end of the chargers "tail" is loose, much looser than my other Sondors a SX and I will try playing with that male end to see if we have a bad connection.
  4. Thanks Reddy, I do always connect the charge tail to the bike first as iI do all chargers I use on all my various machines. We also have a Sondors XS that is not having power problems as my wife's Step. I have been trading notes with Sondors support staff on the Step's power issues. Have not heard back since the charger started showing full charge status when connected to the battery which is down to two bars indicated. Hopefully someone there will have a solution. You have been most helpful so thanks again.
  5. I will check the battery and charger. I checked the charger and it showed 43.7 volts output. This was when I first noticed less power and stamina.
  6. Our new Step's battery is showing the green lite when charger is hooked up. Took battery out of frame and the in battery charge lights show partial charge of three lites. Battery looks OK physically. Ideas are very welcome.
  7. Helo, I too just bought an XS and flat love it! Also shopping for accessories finding that difficult due to the lack of specs for the five inch wheels. Will post items that work out for the XS. WE are wintering in Tucson Az. this year and loving our XS and Step Sondors.........happy trails!
  8. Hello we own a Step too. The wife loves it! I have the XS and it's a peach too. Tried others out and found them over priced in the extreme. We are beginning to look at accessories finding it difficult to find fat tire racks as the information is so limited as to specs. Would certain.y appreiciate your feed back on your purchaes for your Step. The five inch tires on my XS are proving especially difficul;t to locate information about. Have fun!
  9. Yes we have fished out of Gastons many times too. Love the Root River basin in Minnesota (Lanesboro and Preston) more as it has native reproducing Browns and Brookies. WE are enjoying both Tucson and our visit to Huntington Beach at my sons--running the sand beaches is a real blast. Have Karens bike now although when my son picked it up they gave us an accessory pack that is for another model--think it's for the 20 folding models and not her Step. Fun mix up situation dealing with corp folks to resolve but no sucess. While we love the comapny it is odd to deal with problems. It's for sale or trade (The kit) should anyone be interested. We are trying to find racks bags, and other accessories and hope to find good information on this forum. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Well Hello to everyone. I and my wife just boiught two new Spondors, one is the XS and other is the Step. We are older folks 69,her and 73 me. Kenneth and Karen Lane. We are wintering at Ricon East in Tucson. On.y have my XS as the Step is delayed. Love mine and really am impressed with it. Tried Pedego's and found them both too expensive and lacking refinement. The cost factors for Pedego makes me marvel at how they exist. We are in Tucson till April so anyone near please help us get aquainted with local bikers. Also motorcyclists who brought along one of our Spyders should anyone be into motorcycle touring . Our home state is Missouri. Both retired and enjoying it!
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