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  1. Reddy I have yet to find a video on the Step battery removal. You find one please let me know. Yes I have watched numerous videos on Sondors Step. Thanks
  2. Reddy. I already did that. You show me one video on the Step battery removal ? I’ve found other sondors models but not the Step. So thanks.
  3. Wife just went to use her new Sondors Step bicycle. I charged it up and when you go to turn display on it powers up for a second than off. No power at all. Thinking the battery is defective and I would need to replace it. How do you or can you even remove the battery ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. My wife wants to get into the ebike, so I purchased her a Sondors Step. The issue is she cant hardly reach the ground. Is there anyway on a lower seat or maybe smaller tires? I cant see any other ways to lower it closer to the ground, or what the cost would be to swap out for smaller tires if even possible? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Looking for a way to store my Sondors Step on wall in garage. Space is an issue. Any advice is much appreciated.
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