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  1. Yeah, I guess so. Thanks by the way, for helping me with the pedal assist issue a while back. I did not realize the magnet sensor could slide around like that.
  2. I originally had everything stuffed in the battery box, but it was not ideal for me for multiple reasons. Partially because I couldn't get it to stop rattling around the box when off roading. And also because my aftermarket battery had the charging port on the wrong side.
  3. Hi everyone, I just got a new kt-lcd8h display after my last one crapped out, and I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what the settings should be. In my research, I've seen plenty of posts about what the settings should be for a standard Sondors 350 watt motor, but since I've upgraded mine to a 750 watt motor, and 35 amp controller, I'm not sure if this settings should be different. For some reason the speedometer function isn't working properly. It only shows about a 10th of my actual speed. So if I'm going 20 mph, it shows I'm going around 2 mph. I have the tire size set to 29, but I'm not sure if all of the C1, C2, ETC settings are correct. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for the help. I'm sorry if I left out any pertinent information. I only said what I thought was relevant, but I see what you're saying. I bought the display new from a seller who ships directly from China. That was definitely a mistake, since it did not come with the proper connections to match the controller. I had to buy an extension cable to make it work, but it was still not long enough to reach, which is why that wire is run right down the middle of the bike, which I hate. if I had to do it over again, I would have ordered the screen from the same place I bought the controller, and it would have saved me a lot of frustration. I have not noticed any damage to the wires right now though. The larger batteries and controllers wouldn't fit in the plastic boxes, which is why they were removed.
  5. I wouldn't have imagined compatibility between the controller and screen being an issue, since The KT screen and KT controller combo is pretty common, and there are very little Sondors original factory electronics left on the bike. I've changed the motor to a 750 watt motor, changed the controller to a 35 amp, changed the battery to 52 volt, added aftermarket LCD, and I'm about to upgrade the brakes to Shimano hydraulic brakes. The bikes don't even look much like Sondors bikes anymore Thank you for the help though. It definitely will give me an idea of how to proceed from here to get the pedal assist working again.
  6. I bought the LCD from eBay, and the controller from Bolton eBikes. I have narrowed down that the LCD is not the problem though. I unplugged it and put the little cap back on that came with the stock bike on the LCD outlet from the controller side. So even bypassing the LCD, the problem remains. The magnet looks to be lined up correctly, but I'm not exactly sure how I would know for sure. Comparing it to my wife's Sondors that works correctly, everything looks like it's on there properly. (Mine is the black one and hers is the white one)
  7. I just received a new KT LCD8H, and hooked it up with the new 35 amp controller I have. The pedal assist kicks on and off for no apparent reason. It will do it at any speed, so it's not a speed governor issue. The pedal assist will only work for about one second at a time and give me a burst of power and then cut off every couple of seconds. Is anybody know what could cause this, or how it could be fixed?
  8. Does anyone know if 4 in tires are compatible with the rims that came with 4.9 in tires on them?
  9. Wish I would have seen this reply before I ordered from Sondors last week. Oh well. Hopefully they'll be good.
  10. Looking to get front suspension on my Sondors Original to use the bike for singletrack. Currently looking at the Luna Lander, and the Sondors Airshocks. Can't find a whole lot of information on either one though. Does anybody have experience with either one, or have opinions on one versus the other? Thanks.
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