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  1. I just received a new KT LCD8H, and hooked it up with the new 35 amp controller I have. The pedal assist kicks on and off for no apparent reason. It will do it at any speed, so it's not a speed governor issue. The pedal assist will only work for about one second at a time and give me a burst of power and then cut off every couple of seconds. Is anybody know what could cause this, or how it could be fixed?
  2. Does anyone know if 4 in tires are compatible with the rims that came with 4.9 in tires on them?
  3. Wish I would have seen this reply before I ordered from Sondors last week. Oh well. Hopefully they'll be good.
  4. Looking to get front suspension on my Sondors Original to use the bike for singletrack. Currently looking at the Luna Lander, and the Sondors Airshocks. Can't find a whole lot of information on either one though. Does anybody have experience with either one, or have opinions on one versus the other? Thanks.
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