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  1. Having FUN! I know nothing about the XS. Still own my Step though, and now an MXS. These two bikes should cover all the bases. Here's what I did with my Step. I swapped out the 52 tooth chainring for a 47 tooth Aluminum one from Lite Pro for easier hill climbing and easier PAS 0 pedaling. Might have been able to go with a 42 tooth chainring , but I believe in baby steps, and did not want to (maybe) have to take a few links out of the chain. The 47 tooth chainring is a nice compromise (cheap and easy swap) and will keep using it. I am using a Schwinn Folding Rear Bike Rack. $22 from the local Target store. I have installed this same rack on my MXS. Here is a link to this rack on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0089WYU1G/?coliid=I3B60JJT5NIL48&colid=1TBERP0SJV49H&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  2. Greeting Sondors fans and owners, This is a great place to learn about my Sondors Step. Thanks to all for sharing your knowledge and experience. I will try to chip in whenever I feel I have valid information. Purchased this bike for physical therapy. I am a new Sondors Step owner from upstate New York. My first thought was to get the most powerful ebike I could. Second thought, what if I didn't like it? I had not owned a bicycle in 15 years. Decided to buy a lower cost ebike just to see what it was like, and if ebiking was really for me I could always upgrade. Sondors Step only $975. A great bike at an awesome price. I am short of inseam and have limited ability to climb aboard, so the Steps low stand-over height is literally just what the Dr. ordered. I am very happy with the performance of the Step. I use the factory default settings at this time. So far I have added front and rear lights, a rear rack, left side mirror and a bell. Ordered and received a second battery from Sondors. Batteries are swapped about every 1 1/2 weeks. The battery not in use is stored at about 40% capacity then fully charged just before reinstallation. This bike now has 249.3 miles on it. Weather permitting I try to ride 10 miles minimum each day. Physical therapy is Ok. Fun is number 1.😎
  3. Using 30 PSI as marked on the tires. Low rolling resistance is key to range and battery life. I'm happy with the ride at 30 PSI. I only ride streets, gravel paths and mowed grassy fields. No jumping or mountain trails. The Step rolls like a champion and the large diameter tires bridge the potholes that eat up the smaller diameter tires. Yes, the battery comes out. It folds open and you use one of the the keys that came with your Step to remove the battery. Be prepared to catch the battery or put something soft underneath as it comes flying out and weighs a solid 5 lbs. I have a second battery I bought from Sonders and switch them out about every 1 1/2 weeks. Videos on Sondors.com under "Support" will show you how to fold bike to get at the battery. Videos for just about everything you'll need right on Sondors website. The ADVANTAGE to charging the battery indoors is you have fewer chances of getting electrocuted or damaging your Step. Charger that came with the Step is rated for INDOOR USE ONLY. Safety 1st. Use the shortest extension cord you can for maximum charging. Heat, cold and wet are the enemies of your battery. Lot's of great advice on THIS Forum https://sondorsforum.com This advice is only my personal OPINION and what works for me. GOOD LUCK!
  4. Would it be possible not to turn the bike on until you have removed it from the bike rack and wheeled it and mounted it? Just a simple change in procedure. Like the TV ad says "sometimes the order in which you do things make a difference." My new Step always starts up in PAS 2 as programmed. What works for me is: Battery on, LCD on, Hit the minus button 2 times so PAS is 0. Step is now safe to wheel or mount even if pedals move or the throttle is pushed in error. Less work than reprogramming. Safest way is turn the bike on after you're on it. So far my Step has 245 miles on it and I have avoided reprogramming the LCD. Factory settings working for me and staying trouble free.
  5. Step seat post is 27.2 mm diameter. It's stamped on the post.
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