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  1. this is great, exactly what I needed, thanks for the hand holding.. no, she has the MURF.. more of a beach cruiser set up. 750watt motor. specs here https://murfelectricbikes.com/collections/e-bikes/products/the-fat-murf This bikes blows me out of the water.. I rode it and my top speed on it is 29mph, but the crank set is not set up for that, so your peddling like an idiot, but super strong bike.. but its also a bit awkward.. like you almost can't use any peddle assist more than 2/3 cause it just takes off.. your cadence almost does not match the speed of the bike.. your almost doing nothing, which I don't want.. I still want to feel like I am ridding a bike.
  2. I also love your approach of 2 bike set up.. single speed and full traditional.. hmm.. thats interesting! how much would this set up be, and would I change out the front sprocket for that setup as well?? 750Watt Bafang, 52V 18650GA , High Power, Long Range Triangle Battery Pack and a 35Amp controller. ok, totally geeking out on this stuff
  3. HI There! I just bought a Orginal X and have been using it for the past week. I really love it and have put 150 miles on this week just running errands. It has been super fun! A bit about me..I use the bike to get me to and from Crossfit and Yoga... love going out to dinner on the bike, my wife just got one as well.. another brand but to each their own 😉. We live in a very nice place to have an electric bike, weather is good all year round, and there is a village with everything we need about a mile away, so its perfect for post office, bank, lunch, meetings, coffee, groceries. I am a professional photographer by day and shoot advertising mostly, you can see more of that here: http://www.jayreilly.com I post a lot of SONDORS photos on my instagram which is here: http://www.instagram.com/jayreilly.photo I am possible interested in the XS or maybe tweaking out my X for a little more torque.. I use my bike all the time for traffic that is moving 25 mph.. so it would be nice to safely try to match their flow a bit more.. any suggestions.. I am interested in group meetups if they exist.. and I guess that's it.. Jay Reilly
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