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  1. right on, thanks! I tightened the crank and slathered everything (well, mainly the chain) in triflow and for now the squeak is gone. Thinking of replacing the entire crankset with higher quality but for now I'll stick with what came standard.
  2. So I've ridden about 50 miles on my new Thin and it started this odd squeaking which seems to come from the crankset that I can't seem to figure out. It's not crackling or creaking like an old worn out bottom bracket/bearings problem (which can't be the case as I just bought the dang bike). It happens at the exact same spot on crank rotation whether I pedal backwards or forwards, on the street or on the bike stand. Nothing seems out of alignment. It's starting to drive me insane, as if a tiny mouse is living in my cranks and at every revolution it lets out a squeak. Any ideas?
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