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  1. I bought a used FoldX7 (48v 500W) with 300 miles on it... looks as though it's never even seen a speck of dirt. I'm having trouble and could use some help. The symptoms I’m seeing are: 1. peddle assist not working- The PAS disc/magnet is positioned fine. Sounds like the motor engages, but there is no real peddle assist power at any level 2. No Mph reading on the KD51C lcd when under throttle power (just stays “0”) 3. Compared to my wife’s Fold X, the bike just seems to get up to speed using the thumb throttle very slowly and I would say somewhat sluggish and underpowered (it’s doesn't jump off the line when throttled like the other one we have) I did the lcd reset without any improvement. Charged and volt meter tested 48v battery and it appears fine at 54v I disconnected the battery and unplugged the 5 (2 yello, 2 red, 1 green) higo connectors as well as the 9 pin motor cable. (Confirmed all pins were intact and straight etc) Waited 10 mins or so and connected everything.... Still no luck. Nothing has changed. I have not yet taken off the controller cover and checked anything out in there. Controller may be the culprit, but is there any way to test conclusively? As I mentioned, I do have another Fold X. I don’t really want to start taking parts off the good bike to test things on the bad bike one by one, but I’m open to it if it's necessary. Should I swap the 'good' LCD onto the bad bike and see if symptoms remain same? (may only prove that LCD isn't a problem if swap test is same result) I could also try swapping the throttle to see if that makes any difference? I guess I could roll up my sleeves and swap controllers to see if it behaves poorly on the other bike? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey Mycool - I'm new to the group as well, but I'm in San Clem as well in a family of surf addicts. We all have the FoldX 7 speeds, but I have an opinion on the surf racks. The Carver racks seem to be the most common, but from experience they are not the best. Your MBB are the top utilitarian choice for the simple fact that the arms are removable. The Carvers suck in this area! The Carver arms are removable, but they leave the 6" 90 degree elbow intact which is a nuisance for riding. A next best alternative is the Wheele trailer... again, super easy to totally remove. May be overkill if all you do is shortboard. But, if you like loading up with a couple boards, or longboard, and want to use the storage bag for gear... they can't be beat. cheers- new guy
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