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  1. I’m about 3 years in with my SONDERS Thin. Great product until recently. All lights come on however, no power to the motor. Throttle doen’t work either which has me thinking the Pedal assist magnet is probably not the problem. Checked all connections. Any way to check the controller? Any ideas out there? Stumped!
  2. ....Help! Any body out there? Still a “no go” on my end. I’m checking the PAS but the throttle isn’t working either.
  3. ...Would not the direct throttle activate the motor? Bypassing the PAS? The direct throttle is not working either.
  4. Had my SONDERS thin several years now. No probs. All of a sudden seems like no power to the motor. Battery seems to check out...tried a spare to make sure. Checked all the connections. The display shows no battery. The throttle lights up. Any ideas? Thanks!
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