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  1. I pulled back the connector and the charred one is connected to the red lead/wire. I replaced the xt90s with an xt60(it’s what I have on hand). I removed the battery and the controller from the bike, no kinks or openings in the wiring. I also reconnected the new xt60 outside of the bike and it still did the small spark. Any further thoughts on diagnosis? If not, I guess I’ll take it to the shop.
  2. When I reconnect the xt90s this morning, it no longer creates a large spark, just a popping noise. I took all the Higo connections out and it still creates the same popping noise as when everything is attached. I opened the controller and there are no scorch marks or loose connections.
  3. Yes, the spark was at the xt90 connector. If I reconnect it, it results in another spark and smoke. *clarification, this was when I reconnected it last night
  4. So I finally bit the bullet and decided to upgrade my sondors original 350w single speed to 750w 7 speed. I actually completed this by following a similar setup as another thread in this forum. I have a 35A controller, 750 w motor, ktlcdh8 and a 52v battery. I took the upgraded bike out for its first ride today and boy it did not disappoint. I’d say 15 minutes into the ride. I decided to up it to 5 PAS, once I did that and then hit the throttle, the bike just shut off and would not turn back on. I took it home and checked all the connections, the battery was still at 56.3 V according to the multimeter. I reattached the xt90s connection from the battery to the controller and it created a huge spark and smoke. So the bike won’t turn on, the battery still has tons of juice. Any thoughts?
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