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  1. Hi Reddy, I own two Sondors bikes. One Fat and one Thin. I am looking forward toget them upgraded. I aked Sonors for a new controller. Also I asked Bolton for compatible parts. I give you an update asap. All the best Bjoern
  2. Hello Hi Reddy Kilowatt , wow thanks for explaining. I will go in contact with Bolton and let you know about. What kind of Sondors bike do you have? All the best Bjoern
  3. Hello Hi Reddy Kilowatt , I own a Sondors Triangle Battery 48 v and 17,5 AH. Sorry my mistake.... Greetings Bjoern
  4. Hi Reddy Kilowatt , thanks for your quick answer. I will check my battery later at home. I own a Fatbike SONDORS X ( In-Stock - Europe Only) - Silver / Silver, orderd on 14'th December 2018. I have a problem with the speed shown on the display since a few days. It shows most times 0 KM/H. I found a topic here in the Forum: But there is no right solution. So I thougt t buy a new controller and a new display. If this will not resove the problem, I needd to check the magnets in the motor.. Is this right? Thanks and all the best Bjoern
  5. Hi, I am looking for a colour Display for my Sondors Fat Bike. It is a 48 V, 17,2 AH battery. Can someone give me a hint? Thanks and all the best Bjoern
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