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  1. Hello toghether, I am still looking for a used Sondors X Fatbike. I own already one but I want to upgrade a second one. Thanks and all the best Björn
  2. Hello Friends, I am looking for a used Sondos X Fat Bike . I will upgrade it. 48 V 750 Watt Motor, new 35amp 60-80v KT Controller and 48 V 17,5 AH Triangel Battery. So it needs to to run. Thanks and all the best Björn
  3. Hi Reddy, ok finally I got it.😀 Speed is shown correctly now. Needed to configure the Magnets (P1 and P2). Thanks fort he video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0F6x8V0NZQ The only thing what does not work is the battery staus. It shows always a full battery. I think it is P5 and I have set it to 15, like explaned in the video Any idea? Attached is a screenshot from my display settings. Thanks in advance abd all the best Bjoern
  4. Hello Reddy, First a happy and healthy new year ;-)) I got now my parts and installed them on the bike. KT-LCD8H - New Color Display! https://boltonebikes.com/products/kt-lcd8h-new-color-display 36V/48V 25A Sondors Motor Controller for Triangle Batteries https://boltonebikes.com/products/36v-48v-25a-sondors-motor-controller-free-shipping Thumb Throttle https://boltonebikes.com/products/thumb-throttle The bike runs but the display shows double speed. That means when I ride 20 KMH the display shows 40 KMH. So everything has been changed but not the motor. Do you have an idea? Thanks and all the best Bjoern
  5. Just get an answer from Bolton. The parts are on the way ...... KT-LCD8H - New Color Display! 36V/48V 25A Sondors Motor Controller for Triangle Batteries I will post an update once they have arrived and I have swapped the controller and Display. All the best Bjoern
  6. Hello, I got the Information from Bolton that my parts are on the way .
  7. Hey Reddy thanks. I already have orderd from Bolton : KT-LCD8H - New Color Display! 36V/48V 25A Sondors Motor Controller for Triangle Batteries- FREE SHIPPING Should be fine, or? Thx and all the best Bjoern
  8. Hello, I own a Sondors X Fatbike ( 7 gears) My display KD51C is broken and I need a new one. The displays are sold out. Does anyone know where else I can get a Display? Another option would be, but the kit but it is sold out. as well: Color LCD / 25 Amp Controller Kit - SONDORS X shipped prior to Jan 1st 2019 (ONDORS X Color LCD & Controller Kit is the latest SONDORS upgrade and is compatible with SONDORS X ONLY.) Thanks and all the best Bjoern
  9. Hi Reddy, I own two Sondors bikes. One Fat and one Thin. I am looking forward toget them upgraded. I aked Sonors for a new controller. Also I asked Bolton for compatible parts. I give you an update asap. All the best Bjoern
  10. Hello Hi Reddy Kilowatt , wow thanks for explaining. I will go in contact with Bolton and let you know about. What kind of Sondors bike do you have? All the best Bjoern
  11. Hello Hi Reddy Kilowatt , I own a Sondors Triangle Battery 48 v and 17,5 AH. Sorry my mistake.... Greetings Bjoern
  12. Hi Reddy Kilowatt , thanks for your quick answer. I will check my battery later at home. I own a Fatbike SONDORS X ( In-Stock - Europe Only) - Silver / Silver, orderd on 14'th December 2018. I have a problem with the speed shown on the display since a few days. It shows most times 0 KM/H. I found a topic here in the Forum: But there is no right solution. So I thougt t buy a new controller and a new display. If this will not resove the problem, I needd to check the magnets in the motor.. Is this right? Thanks and all the best Bjoern
  13. Hi, I am looking for a colour Display for my Sondors Fat Bike. It is a 48 V, 17,2 AH battery. Can someone give me a hint? Thanks and all the best Bjoern
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