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  1. I went into the config on my Fold XS and was able to set the speed to 12mph. By default it is set to 20mph. The maximum setting is 25mph. I hope that helps. Hal
  2. The other thing I would check are the crank arm bolts. I had a similar crank noise on the power stroke from the right side. When tightenIng the bolts I heard a click on the right side, and after that, no more noise. Good luck
  3. As Click and Clack say, “If it falls off, it doesn’t matter” However, you did get the brass ring because the part does go under the front of the saddle. Thanks! Hal
  4. I took a ride on my Fold XS this morning and I heard this plastic part fall off. Does anyone know where it goes?
  5. I too suggest retightening the crank. I had the same problem on my new Fold XS a few weeks ago. The first time I retightened them nothing happened, and the sound reappeared on my next ride. I tightened them again and while tightening the right crank I heard a distinct click. The sound has not reappeared. Good luck!
  6. I added a Topeak MTX BeamRack V-type along with their DX bag. They are not cheap, but they seem to work well on my Fold XS.
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