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  1. On my analog bike, I use mini toe clips to keep the ball of my food centered over the pedals. My Step has folding pedals which are terrific when loading the bike in my car, but there's no way that I know of to add these clips due to the construction of the pedals. Anyone have an idea how I could do this? I've been cycling with ordinary running shoes but the flexible soles which make them great for walking and running are not optimal for cycling, where a (more) rigid sole would transfer more energy to the pedals. What are folks here wearing? FWIW-- I'm riding paved roads, sometimes steep, and an occasional flat dirt/gravel path. I don't want shoes with cleats, which I couldn't use with my folding pedals anyway.
  2. Warmer weather is coming and I'm eager to do this! How fan I tell whether I need a cassette or freewheel? How big a deal is making the change once the rear wheel is off? Special tools? I have the basics. Would I be better off letting the LBS do it,if they're willing to work on an electric that they don't carry, and didn't sell? This is just mechanical work, not part of the electric system.
  3. I've been loving my Step since I got it in August. I ride mainly on pavement,occasionally a dirt path. Nothing mountain-bikey. So far, only one long steep hill has made me get off and walk it up, which I'm pretty happy with since at nearly 70 I'm no young'n. Still, I'd like to conquer those occasional tough hills a bit easier so I'd like to change my gearing. I thought of adding a smaller chainwheel, but that would be too complicated if I tried to add a front derailleur. Someone suggested a new cassette/freewheel which seems a more practical solution. I wouldn't want to lose my highest gears, but if I could switch to a cassette with a lower "granny" gear (or in my case, grandpa gear) that would be terrific. This brings up some questions; 1) what is the tooth count of my stock cassette? They're not listed on the website, and I'd rather not get all dirty counting them manually if I don't have to . 2) how much larger of a low gear could the derailleur handle without having to modify or replace the chain? 3) What would be involved with making the change once I had the rear wheel off the bike? I'd love answers to these, plus any other hints and tips y'all might have.
  4. Does she hope to sit on the saddle and be able to reach both feet to the ground? Ain't gonna happen and even if she could lower the seat enough she wouldn't be able to extend her knees far enough to pedal efficiently. Using the curb as Reddy mentioned is one option,as is stepping forwards off the saddle when she stops. It's about practicing technique and getting comfortable before heading out on the road. I'm a super short guy at 5'2", and I've adapted to the point where I'm totally comfortable on my Step. I have my saddle set for the most efficient (for me) pedaling. One other thing I've done is turn my handlebars upside down,adjusting everything on the bars for the new position. This lowers the bars to just about the same height from the ground as the bars on my non electric bike. My saddle is only an inch or so higher than the analog bike saddle too. The Step frame LOOKS huge, but side by side the pedals,saddle and handlebars are pretty close.
  5. I'm curious what pressure people are using in their Step bikes? How much does reducing the pressure for a cushier ride increase the rolling resistance? Is it possible to take the battery out of the bike and charge it indoors? Any advantage or disadvantage to this? Thanks,.
  6. Thanks. I'll try that. It occurred to me, but I didn't want to force anything. BTW Reddy-- are you with Sondors? You seem to have a LOT of answers.
  7. I tried to remove the handlebar end plug so I could install a mirror. There's a ring holding the plug, held by a hex head screw. I loosened, then removed the screw but the band and plug won't move. I didn't want to force anything. What am I missing here?
  8. I'm guessing that my Step will arrive with a printed assembly and operation manual. Is there any way to get this now in the form of a PDF file so I can start seeing what I'm in for, and maybe ask questions before the bike arrives. I know there are videos but I'd like something I can print.
  9. I don't have my Step yet, but am expecting it on 8/28. Question-- what's it like pedaling a Step with no battery assist at all due to drained battery or malfunction? I know they're heavy compared to my analog bike. I'm guessing that with the right gear, flat roads or slight upgrades would be manageable. What about steeper hills? I'll feel more inclined to take longer rides if I am confident that I could pedal home,worst case scenario.
  10. Brewerpaul


  11. Can anyone recommend a good set of front and rear lights for my new Step? Mostly to make me visible ;I don't anticipate much riding after dark. Can they be powered by the bike's battery? I don't have the bike yet... Just anticipating.
  12. I ordered the LAST torch red Sondors Step of the August shipment last night and they tell me it's been shipped. Now I wait... I'm a 69 year old very active guy in Frederick MD and I'm looking forward to riding the surrounding country roads and trails.
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